Name: Bianca Balti

Age: 28

Nationality: Italian

Bio: Why do we love Italian model Bianca Balti? Well, in addition to doing typical successful-model type stuff like appearing in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and landing the covers of magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire, she’s appeared in Playboy and played an exotic dancer in a movie. She also replaced Angelina Jolie as the face of upscale clothing brand St. John. If you can oust Angelina Jolie in a job that calls for looking attractive, you’re okay in our book. And that’s why we put together this Bianca Balti photo gallery …

We wouldn’t encourage Bianca Balti to hang out in an abandoned warehouse in her underwear. But as long as she’s doing it, we appreciate her taking a picture.

What if you walked into your living room on a Sunday morning to see Bianca laying there like this as she said, “Let’s just stay in today and watch football.” What if that happened?

It’s nice to see they make lingerie for women who’ve had tracheotomies.

It’s black and white. Which means it’s art.

Who says one-piece bathing suits aren’t awesome?

Sorry, Bianca, we really should have picked up that banana peel.

Don’t get us wrong, Bianca — you look great. But maybe put on some sunscreen?

Bianca Balti: Such a good model that we would happily buy that $2,000 purse.


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