Meet Clickokart, the customised gifting startup that has your happiness all wrapped up

New Delhi [India], November 2: The consumers of today want a new style; uniqueness, and a personal touch in their gifts.

Keeping this in mind, Clickokart, a Delhi-based Gift Customization Company is one such name in the burgeoning online gifting space that has come up with innovative and personalized collections, delivering a heart-warming and satisfactory gift-buying experience. Clickokart is the brainchild of Three college friends turned entrepreneurs- Kundan Sinha, Mohit SharmaGaurav Gupta. The startup was founded in November 2018.

The custom of gifting is as old as time itself. But with the changing times, the means of procuring gifts have evolved and progressed with modern methods. In this context, personalized and customized gifting has tremendously caught the attention of everyone. to its customers.

As of today, the Delhi-based bootstrapped niche gifting company, Clickokart has 10 crores cumulative revenue and is continually expanding its handpicked range of gift-worthy items across home decor, cakes, chocolates, flowers, and various other categories.

“We always wanted to do something unique in the floral and gifting industry. Before venturing out, we researched the market to understand the trends and came across various other websites working in the online gifting space. We did a small survey on our part and surprisingly found that the buyers’ experience was not satisfactory. Moreover, there were delays in delivering orders. This is what moved us and this is the gap we wanted to fill in as entrepreneurs. This, therefore, marked the beginning of Clickokart.” says Kundan Sinha, FounderCEO, Clickokart.

Initially, the founding team of Clickokart contacted a few handmade gifts vendors and personalized gifts vendors and started selling their products online on Instagram. The team used to chat with hundreds of customers on a daily basis and started doing revenue of 20-30k every month via Instagram. This way the founders decided to carry forward Clickokart as a full-time job and at the same time, make life easier for small businesses who want to sell their art or personalized products online and simultaneously provide a solution to the buyers looking for gifting personalised products.

“Clickokart is known for its high standards and quality, eccentric nature, quick delivery, and amazing customer service,” says Gaurav Gupta, FounderCBO, Clickokart.

While thriving in a competitive scenario, the team of Clickokart from the very beginning has strategized to build a strong delivery network and vendors working even at midnight to make the delivery hassle-free. The startup was in its infancy when the global pandemic struck India’s shores and created a lot of uncertainty but despite the pandemic, their sales saw a tremendous jump during that time period.

“During pre-Covid times one was limited to the gifts he/ she could buy from the nearby store or the web stores one was comfortable in buying from. But now after almost one and a half years of not freely visiting the market, people have tapped into the net to explore newer and lesser-known web stores and categories to buy online,” says Mohit Sharma, FounderCOO, Clickokart.

In fact, the idea of a “new normal” didn’t hinder their budding business. When Anxiety, Depression, uncertainty, and mental illness were on the rise due to the first and the second wave of the pandemic, in order to cope with these mental health issues, we all needed to feel understood, loved, and paid attention to.

This was, of course, not possible by visiting and spending time with people due to travel restrictions. However, sharing one’s sentiments through personalised gifts helped people in showing care and togetherness from a distance. And Clickokart played a major role here because the startup believes, a healthy mind makes a healthy body!The response to Clickokart was very positive, and they have delivered 1lakh orders, serving more than 2.5 lakhs customers so far, of which a large number have shopped with them multiple times, which is very encouraging for the startup. Also, the team of Clickokart has empowered 35 vendors by tying up with them locally.

Having ambitious plans for its gifting startup, Kundan says, ” Clickokart is built on personalisation. Keeping this in mind, we have been successfully catering to everyone’s needs. Our vision is that we want to be the automatic choice for people giving gifts in the future, in turn becoming the search engine for gifting. Also, Clickokart, being accelerated by Marwari Catalysts, India’s fastest growing accelerator, is delighted to receive this tremendous support from MCats who understood our business model and supported our vision, because of which we are able to add lots of value to our business as of today’s date.”Currently, the company is investing across the business- in technology to improve the customer experience, in marketing, to build awareness and adding products to their range, streamlining operations, etc. And no sooner they hope that these shall enable them to become the choice for sending a gift to anyone, anytime.


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