When it comes to nail art, the spring season never disappoints. Each year we’re surprised with new trends that give us a chance to highlight our creative side. Besides star nails, this season we’re seeing a lot of butterfly nail designs. Seems like butterfly nails are the new hit and everyone is quickly adopting this look into their style. Whether you want something chic and simple, or prefer to play with colors – we got your back! Flip through our list of gorgeous butterfly nails and get inspired for your next mani!

Spice up your look with this two-color combo that will give your nails a chic look. Use butterfly nail stickers and a shimmery finish to make your nails shine. These butterfly nails are easy to DIY at home.

Opt for a cute look with these pink butterfly nails. The delicate design with hand-drawn butterflies requires some skill. Blue and pink seem are the perfect color combination that will give you a romantic vibe.

Butterfly nail designs are the trendiest way to keep your nails looking pretty. Choose pastel colors to replicate the night sky on your fingertips, then decorate with little stars and butterflies. This design gives us dreamy vibes!

Elevate your look with colorful butterfly nail art. Choose blue, pink, yellow, and other colors of your choice to recreate this stunning design. You can choose a neutral color as a base to balance out the loud design.

The beauty of butterfly nail art lies in its versatility. Whether you like big drawings or cute little details, it’s up to you to customize the design. We love this minimalistic approach and recommend it to all the ladies who want to embrace this trend subtly.

Here’s a sophisticated design that will leave everyone in awe. Add a neutral base and use golden nail polish to recreate these majestic butterfly nails.

Take your regular French mani to the next level by simply drawing a few butterflies around it. These butterfly nails are very classy and will add extra charm to your look.

Embrace the pink hue with these lovely butterfly nails. You can decorate with little gems at the base of each nail to create a sparkly effect.

Sweet and minimalistic – these white butterfly nails will easily fit in anyone’s style. It’s an easy DIY design that requires very little skill and time.


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