Michele Linzalone accused in the murder of Rocky Linzalone 


A New Jersey woman accused of killing her disabled husband by shooting him in the head has been formally charged with murder.

Michele Linzalone73 years old, charged in December after husband’s death Rocky Linzalone74. According to authorities, Linzalone said she “accidentally” shot her husband in the head on December 13 while he was sleeping.

A grand jury in New Jersey seemed unconvinced by that story.

According to the indictment, the jurors “represented that Michele Linzalone, on or about December 13, 2021, in or about the Town of Middletown… was guilty of Murder, willfully or intentionally caused.” RL’s death, or intentionally or intentionally causing serious bodily harm resulting in RL’s death”

The indictment also alleges that Linzalone possessed the gun for unlawful purposes.

By “playing around,” Linzalone is said to mean that she was aiming a gun at her husband while he was asleep in bed. She told police she believed the gun was removed when she pulled the trigger, Asbury Park Pressreported.

Linzalone allegedly told police she kept the loaded gun in a drawer by her bed for protection.

Like Law & Crime before reportLinzalone allegedly did a number of Internet searches that appear to be related to how Rocky ultimately died.

Linzalone allegedly conducted one of those searches – “If you shoot someone in the head, do they die instantly?” – on her phone just 22 minutes before she called 911 to report the shooting.

Weeks before that, Linzalone had done internet searches for ammunition, including hollow point ammunition, NJ.com reported in December.

“Are hollow point bullets stronger?” Linzalone is said to have asked during that internet search.

She also visited a website with the headline “Do you die instantly from a gunshot to the head? Do you feel any pain? NJ.com reported, citing police documents.

Linzalone allegedly told police she waited 20 to 30 minutes after shooting her husband to call 911 “because she was in shock and she wanted to get dressed and brush her teeth,” NJ story. com said.

Rocky Linzalone has suffered a number of strokes over the past two years that have disabled him, forcing Michele to be his primary caregiver, according to the affidavit. Investigators spoke to family members, who said it “appears to have taken a toll on (Michele) and she became resentful of this for the victim,” the statement said. swear to write.

Linzalone’s attorney, Edward C. BertucioTalk to Asbury Park Press that its client is innocent.

“The unfortunate death of her husband for decades was an accident, not a crime,” Bertucio said, adding that the Linzalones are billionaires and Michele had not transferred any funds in the account. their account after Rocky’s death.

“There is no evidence that she is trying to make a substantial profit from the enormous wealth of her marriage, and she is looking forward to her court date to clear herself,” Bertucio said.

Monmouth County Sheriff’s Records only that Linzalone is currently being held without bail at Monmouth County Jail on charges of murder and unlawful possession of a weapon.


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