michelle renaud 33 years old, he is not as alone as he led us to believe, since the Hoy program uncovered his romance with the actor. Osvaldo Benavidez of 42, of whom it had already been said in the past that they were dating, but neither of them confirmed anything, but a photo gave them away.

It turns out that Michelle Renaud uploaded a photo from the Iztaccíhuatl mountain which she climbed with a mysterious man who also appears in the image, even hugs her, but he appears from behind, so all her fans wondered who could be the gallant who I accompany this adventure.

For his part, Osvaldo Benavides also uploaded a photo on said mountain and immediately his jacket gave him away completely, confirming the romance between these actors and that Danilo Carrera, in fact, is already a thing of the past for her, as it was said in many occasions that both returned or ended, so they were considered as the never ending story.

“You look very handsome. Enjoy the mountain a lot”, “Wowww great, the reward is being able to be and enjoy a place like this, it doesn’t matter if you don’t reach the top, if you appreciate life and value everything around us , that is already being a winner”, “Michelle, Good afternoon, you look very beautiful, thank you for sharing those beautiful phrases, Amen”, “Thank you for teaching me so much, I am proud of you, I want to see you in more peaks, my baby @michellerenaud”, they They wrote to both.

For those who do not know, the Mexican actor had an affair with the actress Esmeralda Pimentel and at all times they always tried to take their romance away from the press, because they did not want the relationship to become something in the media until the end of their courtship of the which they looked very happy, although the reason for the thunder is unknown.

It should be mentioned that Michelle Renaud is part of the soap opera, La Herencia, where she has received a good reception from the public, who always supports all her projects and this is no exception, making it clear that she loves to work.


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