Windows 10
Windows 10

For an operating system that has been around for over 5 years now, Windows 10 would ordinarily be on its death bed with a new operating system coming to inevitably replace it. Microsoft has changed the game with their latest popular Windows platform – where they have a reputation for following up a great OS with a terrible one – and choosing instead to release a lot of smaller updates and allow the OS to evolve along the way and continue to meet the needs of modern computing.

To try and keep things fresh, however, it appears Microsoft is looking to make some significant visual tweaks, even if under the hood it’s not changing all that significantly. There have already been reports going around last year that Micorosft was planning some big changes for the UI of Windows 10, but now a recent job listing – which has since been taken down – from the company, has confirmed that they have a team working on making sweeping changes to the “Windows experience”, as reported by The Verge:

According to Windows Central, these UI changes will include an overhauled Start Menu, File Explorer, and built-in apps in Windows 10 to modernize them and make the UI more consistent. Some of the UI changes will mean updates to the sliders, buttons, and controls that are found throughout Windows and the apps that run on the OS to create a new uniform look and feel across the OS and its many apps.

Given that Microsoft has already been building a Linux kernel within Windows and made massive changes that will allow it to run Android Apps in Windows 10X, it’s clear that Microsoft is going all out to keep Windows 10 the go-to operating system for personal computing. And even though Microsoft may have lost the mobile OS battleground, they are doing their best to make sure they don’t lose their advantage on this front


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