Mike Wazowski Meme

    Mike Wazowski Meme
    Mike Wazowski Meme

    Monsters Inc. began its existence in 2001, heralding the new generation of loved characters from the team at Pixar. Monsters Inc. provided us with a myriad of monsters we were captivated by and were voiced by an impressive voice cast. We enjoyed John Goodman’s Sulley and Jennifer Tilly’s Celia Mae, but Billy Crystal’s Mike Wazowski was hard to beat.

    Mike Wazowski was not only popular by the fans of 2001’s Monsters Inc. and the 2013’s Monsters University, but the green one-eyed ball of laughter has been reimagined in the world of memes.

    In addition, the fascination with Wazowski memes has morphed into a love of Monsters Inc.as memes and, now Twitter is brimming with many different Monsters Inc.memes. We’ve identified the most popular Monsters Inc. memes we could come across to satisfy the monsters within all of us.

    Singing Wazowski

    The most popular Monsters Inc. memes being circulated on Twitter is the Wazowski singing meme. This one reminds us of the time we thought it was related to Madonna’s famous tune.

    We have another singer Wazowski here with the same style and, even if they could understand his lyrics the four-year-olds had no clue as to what Biggie was rapping about.

    With the raging torrent of Shrek memes that keep bouncing across the internet What would the famous singing Wazowski meme be if there wasn’t the “All-Star” version? The Shrek memes keep coming in.

    Wazowski face swap

    The Sully Wazowski face swap is frightening It’s an incredibly most memorable Monsters Inc.memes available. This one perfectly captures the emotion of the delay of a flight.


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