19+ BEST Games Like Millsberry in 2023 [Top Picks]


Are you looking for games like Millsberry? You’re in the right spot. We’ll cover 19 of the best Millsberry alternatives.

Millsberry Overview

Millsberry was launched in 2004 and mostly focuses on the younger, under-18 demographic. Lots of young gamers enjoy playing Millsberry because of its aesthetically appealing graphics and features.

The game is similar to other popular favorites like Sims and Minecraft that enable the building and designing of several structures.

Millsberry is no longer kept in development, which means that its fans have spread out looking for adequate replacements to derive similar types of excitement.

There are many Millsberry-like games on the market.

We’ll go through one by one.

Games like Millsberry

The following are the best games like Millsberry.


Roblox is a popular online game that allows players to create and customize their own avatars.

Roblox is a metaverse-like game where players can create and share their own virtual worlds.

There are millions of active Roblox users, who spend hours every day exploring the vast possibilities of the Roblox game engine.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next Roblox avatar, check out these ten amazing Roblox outfit ideas!


Neopets is an oldie, having been launched all the way back in 1999. But it doesn’t look or seem old. Neopets is about having creatures who perform tasks for you.

The updates to the game give the vibe of something that’s always improving and keep audiences engaged.

Neopets involves traveling to the world of Neopia while adopting your pet (Neopet) and facing the challenges you encounter along your journey.

You can customize your creatures in various ways by choosing their physical characteristics and other features.

You can also adopt up to four pets instead of having to choose just one, making it similar to other games like Kiropets where you could adopt up to four different pets.

On what platforms can Neopets game be played?

Neopets can be played on your internet browser.


SuperSecret is another popular Millsberry alternative.

Millsberry has lots of exploration in it and allows you to go out and solve various mysteries and adventures.

The gameplay include four core activities:

  • pets
  • socializing
  • gaming
  • shopping

Shopping is the most popular.

Like in the more modern metaverse, shopping involves spending in one way or another to show off their fashion.

For those less into shopping, adopting pets can be a more attractive activity to undertake.

On what platforms can SuperSecret game be played?

SuperSecret can be played on your internet browser.


Herotopia begins with choosing a superhero, customizing it, and assigning any available superpowers.

Then you explore the world of Herotopia and fight against enemies and undertake missions that give a true superhero vibe to the program.

Herotopia isn’t a bad ecosystem, which involves exploring virtual worlds, chatting with others, gaming, and other fun activities.

On what platforms can Herotopia game be played?

Herotopia can be played on your internet browser.


Horzer is a great option for equine fans. It involves training horses and being rewarded on how well of a job you do.

You can compete with them and trade them.

At the beginning, you’ll need to create a free account and choose from the 12 horse breeds available. You can look at each one’s stats and characteristics and choose accordingly.

You can then choose its color, name it, and have it as your pet.

Gameplay begins once you’re set with a horse. Then you engage with several activities with your horse and manage your finances.

The virtual money you earn in the game can be used to feed your horse and improve it.

On what platforms can Horzer game be played?

Horzer can be played on your internet browser.

Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet is Millsberry alternative that enables you to live in a virtual world that enables everyone to partake in. The game starts out by choosing avatars, just like you might as a celebrity or movie star.

The game is available on either browser or smartphones (iOS and Android).

The game is both social and creative.

When you make movies, then it’s about being social so you can let your name out. This way, you’ll earn fame and currency, which is known as StarCoins.

You can then use this currency to buy more costumes and upgrade to make higher-quality movies.

On what platforms can Movie Star Planet game be played?

Movie Star Planet can be played on your internet Browser, Android, and iOS.


Dogzer is just like Horzer. As you might guess, Godzer involves dogs instead of horses, which makes sense given dogs are the most popular kind of pet out there.

So the concept of the game is essentially the same, just the creatures are different.

You can choose among over 50 dog breeds and customize them in various ways, including giving it a personal name. You can choose from smaller breeds to bigger breeds of dog.

The gameplay is fairly advanced. You can breed dogs and help produce new pets in the game. As you make progress, you can get a certificate based on how well you groom them or train them.

You can even run your own dog care business and run it as it were the real thing.

On what platforms can Dogzer game be played?

Dogzer can be played on your internet browser.

Bin Weevils

Bin Weevils features various different kinds of bugs and other creatures.

To start the game, you choose your avatar, which can be in the form of any creature of your choosing.

You then explore the bin world using your avatar.

You can decorate your nest in different ways while you explore the virtual world.

That can include what kind of rooms you have and the type of external appearance.

Based on the quality of your gameplay you can earn in-game currency, known as Mulch.

The possibilities are vast with this Millsberry alternative. So if it’s your thing, you’re unlikely to become bored of it easily.

On what platforms can Bin Weevils game be played?

Bin Weevils can be played on your internet browser.

Secret Builders

Secret Builders is mostly dedicated to those aged anywhere from 5 to 17.

It is a free game and there’s a lot of learning that can be done within it, and in an entertaining way.

Players can learn about history and there are quizzes involved that can allow you to learn about sciences, art, literature, and other disciplines.

There are even mini games within normal gameplay like puzzles and other ways to test your knowledge against those of others.

On what platforms can Secret Buildersgame be played?

Secret Builders can be played on your internet browser.


Fantage offers great graphics and the degree of character customization is top-notch.

The gameplay begins by giving you a simple house that you can modify in various ways. Then you can start to explore the world of Fantage that has lots of smaller games to enjoy.

When you perform well in each game you can earn in-game currency known as Stars. These can be used to improve your home and its visual appeal or buy stuff for your pets.

The gameplay starts by giving you a basic home that you can decorate and changes things as you want. Next, you start exploring the world of Fantage that is full of thousands of mini-games. In each game, you get rewards in the form of game’s currency called Stars. These can be used to decorate even more and buying stuff for your pets.

On what platforms can Fantage game be played?

Fantage can be played on your internet browser.


Habbo enables gamers to participate in the virtual world using an avatar and being socially involved with fellow users.

You have the option of doing various activities – chatting, decorating your room, going to beaches, restaurants, etc. – and being part of different communities.

Most of the items in Habbo can only be purchased using in-game currency called Credits. These Credits can be earned by participating in various games or trading with other players.

In addition to that, you have the option to purchase Credits with real money.

On what platforms can Habbo game be played?

Habbo can be played on your internet browser.


GeoGuessr is an online game in which users have to guess locations based on decontextualized street views.

Players mark their guesses on a map. And receive points based on how close they are.

There are 13 million possible locations that may be displayed.

The most popular map encompasses the whole world. It has already been played 75 million times.

GeoGuessr uses a ‘freemium‘ model. Pro users can make their own maps, which may feature specific countries or regions. They also get an ad-free experience and unlimited plays.

The introduction of Battle Royale, a competitive mode available to Pro players, has seen popularity soar among streamers.

The game now has 250,000 Twitch followers, and the hashtag has 435 million views on TikTok.

On what platforms can GeoGuesser game be played?

As well as the browser experience, GeoGuessr can be played through an app. It has been downloaded over 500,000 times on the Google Play Store.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a game that uses very aesthetic graphics and has animals that you aren’t able to have in other games.

The game is great for children and most of the goals involve caring for animals.

Players can choose from a variety of different species, each with their own unique abilities and personalities.

The game’s currency is diamonds which players earn by completing quests or selling items they’ve collected throughout Animal Jam.

You can spend them on various kinds of clothing and accessories as well.

The game focuses on educational content and helps players to learn about environmental causes and conservation.

On what platforms can Animal Jam game be played?

Animal Jam can be played on your internet browser, Android, and iOS.

Moshi Monsters

Moshi is a game made up of small, cute monsters.

After setting up your avatar, you adopt a pet, which you can customize, based on type (e.g., penguin, alligator) and other features that you can then keep as your virtual pet.

Then you can explore the island of Moshi to find other players, games, and activities.

You can play games to earn coins through the in-app currency known as Rox, which can unlock new areas of the game or use to decorate your home.

The game is free to play but offers in-app purchases for premium items like clothes or food.

On what platforms can Moshi Monsters game be played?

Moshi Monsters can be played on your internet browser.


Woozworld is focused more on teens who explore a virtual world while being involved socially, though it can be good for adults as well.

The avatars are targeted toward a younger demographic as well, with looks that appeal to younger audiences including big heads, big eyes, and small bodies.

You start by creating your house and exploring the virtual world with other players.

You can get the premium membership to explore other worlds and also receive the game’s virtual currency.

On what platforms can Woozworld game be played?

Woozworld can be played on your internet browser.


Poptropica is a game similar to Millsberry in that it offers a compelling experience for kids and teenagers. It’s most commonly played by the age 5-16 demographic.

Poptropica gameplay involves being on a tropical island and earning in-game currency and items through quests and exploration.

You can customize your character with different hairstyles, shirts, pants, and shoes.

Then you can do activities like spelunking to collect coins and gems on the virtual world islands – Shark Tooth Island, Spy Island, Super Power Island, etc.

On what platforms can Poptropica game be played?

Poptropica can be played on your internet browser.

Lady Popular

If you’re looking for an adult version of games like Millsberry, Lady Popular could be an option.

It has lots of stuff that involves adult choices, such as fashion, buying an apartment and decorating its interior, making friends and relationships, shopping, and more.

Creating your character involves selecting your hair color, skin color, fashion, and more.

Lady Popular naturally has a strong beauty focus.

On what platforms can Lady Popular game be played?

Lady Popular can be played on your internet browser


OurWorld is no longer publicly available, but many users still play it on private servers. It was geared mostly toward a younger audience – mostly age 10-16.

OurWorld game lets you create your own character.

You can then explore the virtual world to meet other players, chat with them, play games together, shop for fashionable outfits, and go on quests.

There are no AI-based characters, so who you meet in the game is a real human being, bringing the social element to the game.

On what platforms can OurWorld be played? 

OurWorld can be played on your internet browser and Android.

Club Penguin Rewritten

Club Penguin was one of the first virtual reality games. Players got to design their character – a penguin – and play games with their friends.

It was unique because penguins are an adorable creature and it was the first real game designed around penguins and winter gameplay.

The original game was taken down but is now back as Club Penguin Rewritten.

Club Penguin Rewritten is a browser-based game that uses Flash technology.

It offers an experience similar to Millsberry and other games like that – including customizable avatars, dressing them up with different clothing items, playing games to earn currency, and buying furniture for your igloo.

Many users of the game are now adults, given they played the game as kids and the good memories stuck with them.

On what platforms can Club Penguin Rewritten be played? 

Club Penguin Rewritten can be played on your internet browser.

Dino Pets

If you’ve played Dogzer, Horzer, and Neopets, you’re probably looking for Millsberry alternatives that have virtual pets involved.

In this case, you’re not taking care of dogs, horses, or cats in this game.

It’s a bit of Flintstones meets The Land Before Time where dinosaurs and humans interact together in animated form.

You get to take care of small dinosaurs until they become big and autonomous adult dinosaurs.

You can decorate homes and even cross-breed different dinosaurs to form new types of dinosaurs.

On what platforms can Dino pets be played? 

Dino Pets can be played on iOS and Android.


The following is our list of games like Millsberry.

  • Neopets
  • SuperSecret
  • Herotopia
  • Horzer
  • Movie Star Planet
  • Dogzer
  • Bin Weevils
  • Secret Builders
  • Fantage
  • Habbo
  • GeoGuesser
  • Animal Jam
  • Moshi Monsters
  • Woozworld
  • Poptropica
  • Lady Popular
  • OurWorld
  • Club Penguin Rewritten
  • Dino Pets

You can also try some or all of these games to get a feel for what you like best.

All of them have very appealing graphics and lots of different types of gameplay that should keep you entertained for a long time.

Characters and graphics are a plus on each.


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