The bald fade styles are, undoubtedly some of the best and most preferred haircuts for men. Ideal for long, medium and short hair, the bald fade haircut is edgy and cool, giving men a rare opportunity to style various men’s hairstyles

Regardless of your hair type; whether curly, wavy, or thick, a bald fade cut is a tight haircut that appears sleek and fresh when paired with any modern hairstyle. For a little inspiration before ending with your favorite barber, we have collected some of the modest and cool bald fade haircut styles you can ask for from your barber. Take a peek.

  • Low Bald Fade

Normally, if you are a professional you would want to rock a modern haircut that would not leave out too much of your skin if you are opting for a fade haircut. Well, this is the right haircut for professionals like you. The tapering of the hair in this haircut commences slightly above the ears, curving around the neckline and the head. With the hair shaved entirely on the sides and back, this haircut is both sleek and classy.

  • Medium Bald Fade Style

The medium skin fade haircut offers a fashionable look to men that is flattering and bossy. To rock this look, your barber starts the fading of the hair in the mid of the back and sides, coming up with a contrasting ideal to highlight the hair on the top. According to MensHaircuts, rugged and cool, the medium bald style provides a satisfying compromise between low and high and can be styled on any hair type, style, and length.

  • High Skin Fade

Want a truly enthralling bald fade haircut that will have women running to you? Well, why not try the high bald style? It is a men’s haircut that every woman will love her man to have. Highly characterized with a bad-guy look, this hairstyle’s fading starts almost at the top of the back and the sides, and most of the hair is cut off. This fade style brings out the contrast, and this has the effect of truly highlighting your haircut. Men with curly, thick, and wavy hair adore this style since it is easy to maintain and looks great on both long and short men’s hairstyles.

  • Skin Taper Fade Haircut

What differentiates this men’s hairstyle is the use of different scissors and clippers to get the final style. Ideal for guys who like to leave a decent amount of manes on the top, this hairstyle encompasses shades sides that are further blended. You can opt for either high, medium, or low taper dependent on what you like more.

  • Bald Drop-Fade

If you need to enjoy both worlds, then you would want to opt for this bald fade haircut variation. Bringing together the aspects of a drop fade with a bald fade, your stylist cuts the mane around the back and the sides and then drops it down to your neckline. This gives you a short hairline on the slanted part and some ideal stretch on top.

  • Bald Fade with an Undercut

Undercuts are some of the coolest men’s haircuts out there. So, why not embrace one with your bald fade style? If so, what other better option than the skin fade haircut paired with an undercut?

Generally, the fade undercut style combines two of the greatest ways to trim a gentleman’s hair on the back and sides. Modern and sassy, this style complements almost all hairstyles and highlights the extended manes on top. So, if you are held between choosing the undercut and the fade, tell your barber to give you both this stylish cut.

  • Razor Fade Haircut

Before you are surprised by the name and start scratching your head, note that a full skin fade style does not need you to cut the hair on your whole head. Rather, a razor fade makes use of a straight razor line along the sides and back for a suave finish that complements perfectly the hair length you have left on top.

Since this haircut is delicate to style, you would want to look for a professional barber to style it for you lest you get something unequal.


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