Online shopping is so exciting, making available everything at your doorstep with a few clicks. But that excitement of receiving packages lasts until you get scammed!

Many websites are selling multiple things online, giving rise to other counterparts taking advantage and scamming users. So, it is important to always read reviews of any online store. is one of the online stores selling clothes for expecting mothers. Maternity dresses, baby shower gowns, leggings to faux fur coats the site has it all. While the pictures look vibrantly tempting for a purchase, the site does not have a good reputation. Read on to find out in detail whether Momnfancy is a scam or a legit seller?

What is Momnfancy? is an online shopping store based in the US for to-be moms. It was launched recently in April 2020. It covers everything from baby showers to gender reveal-themed outfits.

The maternity clothes retailer displays a glamorous collection of maternity clothes, in all styles. For expectant moms, this store is delightful shopping therapy. From basic maternity tees to maternity swimwear, they have a wide range of pregnancy collections.

Problems in the Momnfancy website

The Momnfancy website has a pretty simple and easy-to-access interface, like other online stores. There is an option to choose the type of clothes you’d like to buy, with a glamorous listing of all the fanciest maternity clothes.

They are currently also running sales and offers with limited validity. Although everything appears to be legitimate, the website does throw its red flags:

  • There is no information about the owner of the website. Nowhere on the website is there any reference to who owns this site or who to be contacted in case of any issues. They do have a basic email id for support but also mention that this address does not work with return orders.
  • The site mentions that customers can chat with online operators and expect a reply within 12-24 hours. The timeframe is too long, considering most live chat responses are automated or bot replies.
  • Momnfancy has an excellent collection on display at a comparatively cheaper price. Do your research on the average pricing of maternity clothes, swimwear, or gowns and draw a comparison. The lower prices are an attractive method to lure buyers into buying, but also an easy way to scam them.
  • Lower prices often mean that people will buy more than a single product – an effective technique to scam you for more money. Also, higher discounts cannot be trusted for the quality of products.
  • To develop a new and reliable store, the content must also be unique to help rank on the google pages. However, a simple plagiarism check reveals most content on the website is lifted from other similar stores. Their points about customer services and shopping experience are the same as other online fashion stories. This once again raises a question about the authenticity of this website. If you search enough, you will easily find the same clothes listed on other websites as well.
  • The website is missing authentic security measures, except an SSL certificate – which is found on every website. Whenever you shop online, you are required to fill up your details like name, phone, or email id. Registering your information on sites without a proper security system puts it at risk of being leaked. The data can be misused online and we urge you to not take that risk.

Is Momnfancy a Scam website?

A short answer – yes. Momnfancy has several red flags which raise doubt on its authenticity. Besides, several women have written reviews of this store claiming never received the product they ordered or even getting a refund. The site has got several negative reviews from disgruntled customers facing issues with returning their products.

They play the tactic of asking the user to return the product, but the cost of sending the courier is much more than the product. They offer more discounts on your next purchase to retain the customer, but the right clothes never reach the consumer.

Although there are a few good reviews on their site, they can be easily be made up and presented. A review by another user on the internet mentions doing a follow-up 13 times but getting no answer. It can get frustrating by this point to know that you have been scammed and no you cannot even get a refund back.


It is best to stay away from the Momnfancy website because there are enough bad reviews and red flags that support it to be a scammer than a genuine platform interested in selling maternity clothes.

While online shopping, we do pick and choose what we think will be the best fit, partially imagining ourselves dressed in it. But we do not want your anticipation to be met with the disappointment of getting the wrong products and no refund as well. What you can do is, take references from the Momnfancy website of what you wish to own and then try and find it on another website.

Whenever you shop online, especially from a new platform, do spend some time going through the website and reading reviews of what people have to say about the quality of products.

The reviews on the same website can be easily fudged, so always check reviews on other websites or forums. We do not recommend shopping from

The prices on their maternity collection may be attractive, but they are not worth following up a scam over unanswered emails. Make a wise choice and find a reliable store instead and there are many out there.


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