My lashes can always use a little help achieving length and volume. Many products promise a daily boost of confidence for your lashes, but simply fail to deliver. I do not want a product that easily slides off the eyes, or looks clumpy or too intense for a workday or simple evening out. 

Conditioning Formula 

After testing out Younique’s MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara, I can say that this classic mascara lifts, lengthens, and strengthens my lashes to create depth and fullness during use. That’s great news, as we all know of some that just, well, don’t. The formula does not feel like it is overpowering my lashes but instead feels like it’s conditioning my lashes while helping them achieve maximum length. It feels so good to look in the mirror and see my lashes pop! I tested the formula in both waterproof black and classic brown and was very happy with both colors. 

Length and Definition

The mascara brush is interesting and is kind of fun to use. It features these interlacing high and low-density bristles that actually grip my eyelashes by the root, which then boosts the length and definition. The tapered tip of the brush also defines even the smallest lashes and hardest-to-reach spots with precision and absolute control. I can reach even the smallest sections of lashes with my MOODSTRUCK EPIC Mascara, and I have to say, they look stunning with this product! 

An Even and Gorgeous Curl 

MOODSTRUCK mascara is made with a variety of flexible polymers that have been clinically proven to add length and volume to lashes and is clump-free. I like to start at the very root of my lashes and gently but firmly sweep and curl up for an even and gorgeous curl in my lashes. The fibers on the mascara wand helps create a fullness in the lashes by allowing the product to distribute perfectly over my lashes, enhances the curl appearance.

One Coat Makes All the Difference 

One coat is enough to make a world of difference to my almost non-existent lashes. I cannot believe the difference between my barely-there lashes and after sweeping on one coat of MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara. The difference is truly astonishing. Younique has let their customers know that if they truly want to get a bold lash look, two coats of the Moodstruck formula can really amp up the lashes. 

No Falsies Here 

I do enjoy the occasional set of false eyelashes, but I most certainly do not need them with this product. This product actually makes me wonder where my real lashes went and how they got replaced with fabulous replacements! The formula dries quickly, so if I am into adding layers of the product that day, I can do so without much of a hassle. 

Color Options 

This mascara is available in black, brown, and for the summer seasons and those who might need it, black waterproof. I appreciate that the waterproof option is always available and that some people need a brown mascara instead of a traditional black. 

Staying Power

MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara stays with me all day. It’s so nice that I don’t experience flaking throughout the day, and that my lashes stay fabulous from the time I apply my makeup in the morning till the evening when I take my makeup off. The volume and curl 
I get from this product lasts through the evening, and I feel amazing all day.

Loving My Lashes 

This formula has been giving my lashes all of the love, which in turn gives me all of the confidence. I am extremely fond of this mascara and was especially wowed when I used it with the MOODSTRUCK EPIC lash primer. It was a winning combination.

Disclosure: The author may have received compensation for their review of these products however not directly from the company’s mentioned


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