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Who was Mordy Gelfand? Businessman Mordy Gelfand was in his early 30s. He was a resident in Lakewood when he vanished. He was last spotted wearing a black hoodie and a white T-shirt. He’d worn it with a pair of blue jeans and some white sneakers. For his homecoming, there were numerous campaigns run. A monetary reward was also offered for anyone with information regarding his whereabouts. He was last saw close to Carondelet Street and the Canal.

Mordy Gelfand, a businessman, was 33 years old. He was quite active in the lives of his children. His wife’s name is Devorah, and he was married. His parents, Yaakov and Shira Gelfand, are still alive. Along with Adina Erez, Sarah Tova Stern, Avi, and Aryeh Gelfand, he also left behind his siblings. The family said, “Knowing that so many Yidden cared for Mordy and were davening for his safe return home gave us and continues to give us immense chizuk.” The group thanked all of the volunteers.Mordy Gelfand Death

We’re about to break some awful and unexpected news: Mordy Gelfand has passed away. Since January 5, Mordy Gelfand has been reported missing. This article provides an update on his disappearance and comprehensive information about the missing person. On social media, this information is becoming viral. People are looking for this information. On the internet, there is a lot of news. The news has startled everyone. People are lamenting his passing. He was a wonderful man. Keep reading if you need to learn more about the various news-related items we have here.

A 33-year-old man named Michael “Mordy” Gelfand disappeared on Friday, January 26, 2019, while travelling to New Orleans for work. According to local organisers, Nathan Ginsbury, who oversaw a search operation, allegedly promised a $10,000 reward.

The 33-year-old father was revealed to have been involved in a tragedy that claimed his life when allegations surfaced that he died in the city while on a business trip.” “Mordy z’l was a magnificent Baal chesed, someone who was described as unselfish, sympathetic, and willing to go above and beyond for others’ sake. He was described as being modest and quiet. Mordy Gelfand Was Murdered, That’s How He Died.

Wife of Mordy Gelfand

Who is Mordy Gelfand’s spouse? He is survived by his wife Devorah and their four kids. “He was located. I have nothing further to add, “Ginsbury said. In New Jersey, Gelfand’s funeral was held on Tuesday morning.

According to accounts, Gelfand vanished on January 5, not long after informing his wife that he would be spending one night in New Orleans on work. He called his wife afterwards to tell her he was going home, but he never showed up. Nobody had any concern about where he had gone after all this time. Although they were looking for him, the police had no information about him.

His relatives made the complaint on January 11. The New Orleans Police Department has been searching for him despite the $10,000 reward that has been put up. He was last spotted walking along Carondelet Street close to the Canal, wearing a white T-shirt and a black sweater. They found his body in the Mississippi River after more than a month. Police have not said how he passed away. The family has not spoken about the situation.

A businessman named Mordy Gelfand resided in Lakewood with his wife Devorah and four children. The family stated, “Knowing that so many yidden cared for Mordy and were davening for his safe return home gave us and continues to give us incredible chizuk.”

How Mordy Gelfand went missing?

The family used various techniques to get in touch with him, but none were effective. They consequently reported him as lost and filed a report. Businessman Michael Gelfand visited New Orleans in January 2022 on business; he was later discovered dead.

In January 2022, after he had left on his business trip to New Orleans, his family began to worry that something had gone wrong. They tried to reach him repeatedly, but they never got a response. The businessman failed to return from a business trip and was reported missing since his travel to New Orleans went unrecorded.

Cause of Mordy Gelfand’s Death

After doing his work, Michael Gelfand was supposed to return the following day, but when his family couldn’t get in touch with him for a while, they began to wonder whether something had happened.

His family found and reported him missing on January 11 and hoped for the best. They were caught off guard when they learned that his son was still alive. Authorities have put up posters of the missing businessman all over New Orleans.

Since January 5, Michale Gelfard has been reported missing. They are unsure of his whereabouts during this time. All this time, the cops have been seeking him. He has been the subject of concern from numerous people. He disappeared while on a business trip. In New Orleans, he was. Since he went missing, his family has not heard from him. He’s been discovered dead.

Beginning in January, Michael Gelfand—better known as Mordy Gelfand—went missing. A few days after he vanished, on January 11, his family filed the case. He lost track of the jet he was on. The New Orleans Police Department has attempted to locate him without success. On March 21, his body was discovered in the metropolis. A Mississippi River accident had claimed his life. For the burial, he is being flown to New York.

Wrapping Up!

On January 5, Mordy Gelfand travelled to New Orleans for a business meeting. He was expected to return the following day, but his jet never did. On January 11, a few days later, his family complained. Since then, the police have been looking. They even offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to his capture. He was eventually located by the police in a river. The family has not made many public appearances, and no information about the death has been disclosed. These were the complete details about Mordy Gelfand!

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