Motorcycle Backpacking: Everything You Need To Know


If you love motorbikes and camping then this article is for you. A lot of us vouch about the freedom a bike gives you. The wind blowing in your face, the adrenaline of the ride make motorcycle backpacking an exciting adventure.

Come on and dive into the awesome world of motorbike camping. In this article, I’m going to cover everything you need to know before jumping into the streets.

Whether it’s for a couple of days or a couple of weeks out on the trails and roads. I’m going to break everything down for you. So you can feel relaxed and prepared when going out.

One of the most important points of this article is to show you how to pack. From motorbike camping gear to the best air tents for motorcycle camping.

Here is Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Backpacking

Tools and Maintenance

Since you’re going to be out on a camping motorcycle trip. You need to be prepared to, reattach loose bolts, fix flat and holes, and a lot of other stuff.

I recommend you taking with you a tool roll that’s specified for your bike.

Selecting the backpacks for motorcycles

Before you even consider what to pack we recommend that you first know how much gear you can carry. There are a bunch of luggage systems and backpacks for motorcycles on the market. You can choose pretty much whatever you want and continue from there.

We encourage you to distribute the weight of your backpack evenly on both sides of the motorbike.

Tent for motorcycle camping

Remember for everyone out there looking to backpacking. Whether it’s on a motorcycle or hiking you must know that everywhere you’re camping it’s going to be your home.

So choosing a tent is as important as packing your food. There’s a wide range of air tents out there. But I recommend you choose a lightweight air tent for obvious reasons.

The lightweight air tent is one of the easiest to set up tents out there. They are durable and will grant you a good night of sleep.

Food and Drink for a Motorbike Travel

Eating and drinking are as important as always. Riding a bike is physically taxing even if you’re on the back. Eat constantly and drink a lot, remember taking a meal break.

Stop by a beautiful landscape, cook a hot meal and enjoy a nice drink by a campfire.

I recommend you some dehydrated food and some easy-to-heat food. You can even make some sandwiches at home and pack them for later on your backpack for motorcycles.


This is one of the most important items you’ll be aiming for. I know water is one of the easiest access items along the road and trail. But I recommend that you should pack more than you need.

So, get a water bladder, those are a must in any travel with motorbikes. Easy to carry and going to save you a lot of space.

Choosing the motorbike camping gear

The camping gear doesn’t vary a lot from your average hiking gear, so don’t stress this a lot. The camping gear for a motorcycle trip that’s multi-purpose is the best choice. It will help you to save space.

I also recommend that you choose clothes that are waterproof and windproof.

Conclusion on Motorcycle Backpacking

There you have everything you need to know about motorcycle backpacking. Remember to set up everything pretty well, take a map, see where are you going and be prepared for the adventure.


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