Mudra Band Review – Control Your Apple Watch With Gestures


What if there’s a way to interact with your Apple Watch without using the touchscreen? Say, you can answer calls, take a photo, or stop your alarm simply by moving your fingers in the air. Sounds just what you need? Well, here’s a product you may want to try: the Mudra Band.

Mudra Band Quick Review


Upgrade your Apple Watch and make it even more convenient and accessible with the Mudra Band. It allows you to enjoy your music, answer or drop calls, and check notifications by just moving your fingers.




  • Simple and intuitive gestures
  • Comfortable
  • Can affect watch or phone battery


  • Limited color options

Mudra Band aims to change the way you use your Apple Watch through touch-free gesture control. So you don’t need to stop what you are doing, look at your watch, and touch the screen for controls. Learn more about this watch strap and find out if it’s the new accessory you should buy here.

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While touchscreens are already considered the best solution to access electronic devices, there are instances when it’s not so convenient. For example, it can be difficult to control your Apple Watch when you are running, cycling, driving, wearing gloves, carrying bags, or anytime your hands are busy. You may even avoid using your device when your hands are wet or dirty.

But what if there’s an urgent matter that demands your immediate response? Do you stop what you are doing and drop everything you are holding just to check your watch? Well, with the Mudra Band, you don’t have to. You can continue your tasks without interruption and still have access to your watch through simple finger movements.


Unfortunately, enjoying such convenience with your Apple Watch comes with a hefty price tag. A basic mudra band costs US$249, which is almost as much as the watch itself. Its price is close to the Apple Watch SE (US$279) and more expensive than the Apple Watch Series 3 (US$199).

Compared to others, Mudra Band is incredibly pricey, especially since you can purchase 3rd party bands for only US$3. But take note, it’s not the most expensive Apple Watch band around. Sure, it’s still pricier than the AURA strap (can track hydration and body composition), which costs US$119. But it’s still cheaper than the Wristcam (US$299) and Hermès Leather Apple Watch bands (starts at US$339).

The good news is, you can still upgrade your Apple Watch with Mudra Band at a much cheaper price through Indiegogo. Instead of US$249, you only need to pay US$179 to start controlling your watch through simple finger movements.


Simple and Intuitive

What’s great about Mudra Band is that it supports simple gestures that are easy to perform and remember. Such gestures come naturally for most individuals and they don’t feel awkward or complicated at all. Particularly, Mudra supports different interactions, including the following:

  • Discrete: these gestures are single-finger movements, such as moving one finger or softly tapping your finger on your thumb.
  • Continuous: these gestures include applying pressure to any physical object or surface through your fingertips.
  • Air-touch: these gestures combine your fingertip pressure with some sort of an air mouse. For instance, sliding your index finger to unlock.

Accurate Gesture Recognition

Wearable Devices Ltd., the company behind Mudra Band, uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms. As a result, it can accurately recognize and classify a user’s gestures. This is important since we all have different ways on how to perform certain gestures.


So what happens if you unintentionally move your finger or scratch your head? What if you’re typing and don’t need to input control commands to your watch? Easy. Just lock Mudra and unlock it when needed.


BatteryLi-Po 3.7V / 40mAh
ChargingPogo-pin, less than 1 hour
IP CodeIP56
Sensors3 SNC sensors6-DOF IMU & Gyroscope
LEDSingle indicator, colored and flashes
CompatibilityPhone: iPhone OS 7 and aboveWatch: Apple Watch 3 and aboveScreen: All Apple Watch screen sizes

Mudra Band’s battery can last up to 2 days without needing to charge for a long time, which is impressive. But the most important feature of this band is the use of patented SNC sensors, which are what makes Mudra Band work. Without being too technical, these sensors capture and measure the activity from your skin and convert it to data. This is then used to identify which movements you made and which finger you used.

Now, the idea of measuring activity from the surface of the skin isn’t new. It’s similar to other processes used to diagnose different diseases, including heart arrhythmias (ECG) and motoric injuries (EMG). So why does this matter? Well, it just shows that the technology behind the Mudra Band actually works.


At first glance, Mudra Band looks like any other watch strap. However, it’s firmer and a bit harder than others, so it stays in the same shape out from the box. Does this affect your charging experience? Probably, especially if you’re used to just laying your watch flat on a wireless charger.

The good thing is, Mudra Band is still flexible enough so you can feel comfortable wearing it the whole day. Its length and circumference are also adjustable, so guaranteed it can fit you no matter your wrist size. Hopefully, the company comes up with different color options soon since currently, it’s only available in black or white.

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Final Thoughts

As an Apple Watch user, access and control really do come as a challenge when one or both hands are occupied. While voice command can help address this, there are instances when even speaking is not appropriate. This makes Mudra Band a very attractive choice for a watch strap. With it, you’d always have control over your device – no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Overall, Mudra Band looks very promising, at least on paper. By allowing you to interact and use your watch without touching it with your other hand, you are now freer to do what you like. Sure, it isn’t the most affordable strap around, but it very well improves your Apple Watch experience – which makes it highly worth it.


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