Nag tibba Trek
Nag tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek is the response to the subject of an end of the week trek from Delhi which can fulfil the trekker bug in you. The Nag Tibba trek culminations at 9,910 ft, the pinnacle seems to be a snake’s head and that is the reason named “Nag” it is the most noteworthy top in the scope of Nag Tibba in Garhwal district of Uttarakhand and offers a ton of delight to its guests. Simply a three hour drive from Mussoorie is the headquarters of this trek and being in closeness to Delhi and simple network through street and rail it becomes one of the most pursued trekking objectives in Uttarakhand.

The trek is of simple grade thus you can make it happen on the off chance that you are a newbie and looking to begin trekking to different highest points in Himalayas. This trek can be required all through the year since weather conditions stay great. You can do it with your companions, family or even kids.

The trek is at an elevation of 9900 feet which is very high and consequently the climate around evening time is typically chilly, it can go from short temperatures in winters to 25 degrees in a day of pinnacle summer yet yes it actually stays a decent spot to trek. The winters are harsh and the trek turns into a piece specialised as you should utilise the snow-gators and posts. The setting up camp at the pinnacle will cause you to accept that it without a doubt is a spot you would long for to come back again as the perspectives on Bandarpunch on one side and afterward you get to see the slants of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh on the opposite side.


Day 1: Dehradun To Pantwari (Drive) To Khatian (Trek)

Report to the group at ISBT, Dehradun at sharp 7 AM as you will arrive at Dehradun before that. Board the Taxi and take the drive to Pantwari which is a 90 Kms drive taking you through the well known slope station of Mussoorie and the delightful Kempty falls. Arrive at Pantwari town and begin the trek to arrive at the main camp at Khatian which is at 7600 feet. Get presented with the tea and have some decent babble with the group. After a luxurious supper we take a pleasant rest. Short term visit in camps.

Day 2: Nag Tibba Summit to Pantwari

Early in the morning I woke up to a wonderful scene with tea and breakfast. Begin your trek to Nag Tibba Top (9914 Ft.) Reach nag Tibba top, and witness the shocking perspectives on the Himalayan pinnacles like Swarga-Rohini, Bandar Poonch, Kedarnath, and Gangotri. Get presented with lunch after the trek. Then, at that point, begin to slip to Pantwari town End the excursion by a drive to Dehradun with a bagful of recollections. Drop at dehradun before 9:30 PM

Wellness Required for Nag tibba trek

At high height as the air gets more slender oxygen turns out to be less abundant.The rate of immersion of haemoglobin with oxygen decides the substance of oxygen in our blood. After the human body stretches around 2,100 m (7,000 feet) above ocean level, the degree of oxygen in our haemoglobin starts to fall. Notwithstanding, the human body has both present moment and long haul transformations to height that permit it to make up for the absence of oxygen to some degree.

The Nag tibba Trek is a simple trek reasonable for first time trekker with fundamental wellness

Trekking Experience: Ideal trek for a novice.

Wellness Required: The Valley of Flowers Trek falls in the classification of Moderate treks. The path is genuinely spread out and has not many steep rises or plunges. Water is accessible all through the path. Yet assuming you are thinking of your first large Himalayan trekking experience it’s smarter to be ready. Here is the preparation timetable to plan for the trek.

Do’s and Don’ts:

-We trust in leaving the mountains in a superior condition, which is the reason we follow a no-litter strategy on our treks. Every trekker should bring back the waste that is made during the trek.

-Trekking is best delighted when you’ve worn agreeable garments. Attempt and try not to wear Jeans, brilliant varieties and weighty clothes however much as could be expected.

-A lighter knapsack generally assists you with having a superior trek, attempt and convey similarly as much depending on the situation.

-Continuously be in sight of your trek lead, assuming you want to stop under any condition whatsoever, kindly keep the trek lead informed.

-Assuming that you truly do go over any reptiles, creatures or even bugs during the trek, kindly stay cool headed and let it quietly cruise by. Any kind of commotion and frenzy will frighten them too.

-Try not to branch out into the timberland/cascades all alone as it very well might be perilous.

-Trekking is a decent experience, having said that, it is our essential obligation to take great consideration of ourselves and be merciful towards individual trekkers

-If, anytime, during the trek, you feel uncomfortable or unwell, if it’s not too much trouble, illuminate the trek lead right away

-Check out the hints of nature while on a trek and abstain from conveying speakers or playing music throughout the trek

-To assist you with partaking in the trek without limit, we abstain from smoking and utilization of liquor, and different intoxicants throughout the trek


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