Najia Dufour’s Personal Life, Parents and Physical Appeanace. 

Najia Dufour’s Personal Life
Najia Dufour’s Personal Life

Najia Dufour’s roots.

Naja Dufour was born in the year, 1979. She is the daughter of Carmen bin Laden and Yeslam bin Ladin. Moreover, Najia is the sister of Noor Dufour and Wafah Dufour. She is of Swiss and American origin. She comes from a very wealthy family in Saudi Arabia.

This family is said to be controlling a construction firm. This is the laden family. In the year 2009, this family was declared the 5th richest family in Saudi family. At the time, their networth was around $7 billion shillings.

How did the September 11th in the United States of America attack affect Najia Dufour?

After the attack on US on the 11th September, Najia was devasted. Her family name was tainted forever. She felt ashamed that she was associated to Osama bin laden, her uncle. He was believed to be the man behind the attack. This attack left many dead and injured.

Despite the fact that she was never physical harmed, she was emotionally and socially destroyed. Moreover, distances herself from the laden family name claiming that she does not hold similar values as her uncle Osama bin laden.

Najia currently lives in Switzerland. She, however, claims that she is an American at heart. She came out to announce her support for Donald Trump in the 2020 elections.

She showed her trust in Donald Trump’s leadership by claiming that with Trump’s leadership, the country can avoid another attack from terrorists similar to that of 2011. She demonstrated her support to him by wearing a hat that read ‘make America again. She believes that this attack was planned by her late uncle Osama Bin Laden.

Najia Dufour’s physical appearance and the origin of the Dufour name.

She is a slender lady with long dark hair. She could be explained as exotic. Dufour is her mother’s maiden name. However, she took this name after the September 11 incident that permanently tainted their family name ‘bin laden’. She thought that the ‘bin laden’ name would be a curse to her.

It would evoke negative reactions from potential employers. The Dofour name is more of a safe place for her. She is able to get deals without having to deal with those ugly stares when people hear the name laden.

The relationship between Najia’s parents.

Carmen laden and Yasmin laden got married in 1974. They then moved to Geneva with their three children. The two however, separated in 1988 with claims of Yasmin emotionally blackmailing Carmen and threatening her to take away her children. She claims that she was also forced to abort some pregnancies.

She asked for the divorce in 1994 but, it was, granted 12 years later. In one of her books, she says that Yasmin did not want to be involved with his daughter. He wished that he had had boys instead. In the recent past he has tried to make amend by obtaining a Swiss passport to go see his daughters.


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