Real Name:Natasha Soultanova Corwin
Net Worth:$1.5 Million
Spouse of Jeff Corwin 

Natasha Soultanova-Corwin is a 50-year-old Russian raised in Germany. While still young, she moved to Massachusetts, United States with her parents, and continued her education at Brandeis University in Waltham. Her husband, Jeff Corwin, is a famous nature and animal conservationist. They met in 1996 and married only 3 months later and now have two daughtersMaya Rose was born in 2003 and Marina in 2008. The family now lives in Marshfield, Massachusetts

Career Ups and Downs

Natasha Soultanova – Corwin was born in 1970 in Russia. While still young, her parents moved to Germany where she grew up. After a while, her family moved to Massachusetts, so that she could study there. She went to Brandeis University in Waltham but had to stop her studies due to financial issues. She decided instead to support her husband Jeff Corwin to finish his Master’s Degree in biology and anthropology. Now Natasha is a Ph.D. candidate in comparative literature.

The public does not know Natasha’s interests, as she is not a fan of social media. Being the wife of the biologist, though, she most probably is an animal lover as well.

She stays out of the public’s eye, but the support for her husband seems strong as ever. In recent years, she and her daughters have accompanied Jeff on several occasions while hosting his latest ongoing series “Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin” which first aired in 2016. Natasha and her daughters even made several appearances on the show.You could see her on short segments on several episodes.

Net Worth, Income and Earnings

Although Natasha is not recognized as a full-fledged celebrity you can recognize her as being married to one. There is no information about her fortune or salary, as she is not a fan of social media. Since she is regarded as a celebrity wife, her husband’s fortune estimates $1.5 million. It is unknown how much she will be worth without her husband.

Personal and family life

There is not much information about Natasha’s life before she met her husband in 1996, perhaps because she moved a lot.

Natasha met Jeff while shopping in Harvard Square in Cambridge in 1996. It was love at first sight and they married 3 months later. However, the media do not know their exact date of marriage. Then, both Jeff and Natasha were studying, but Natasha had to stop her undergraduate studies to support Jeff’s education. They moved toDeerfield, Massachusetts, for a year, because Jeff was studying there to get his degree in Master of Science in wildlife and fisheries conservation.

Their first apartment was in an old bakery located between a pickle and a candle factory. It was full of strange smells, some days it smelled like vinegar from the pickle factory, and others overly sweet from the scented candles factory. It was not easy for Natasha, but she was determined to start a new life and fully support her soul mate. In the first year of their life together, Jeff went to Belize by himself as a part of his graduate work and has been away for work ever since. They also had to move a few times because of his work and studies, but they finally settled down once they got children.

They welcomed two daughters, beautiful girls Maya Rose and Marina. Their first baby girls Maya Rose was born on July 6, 2003. Marina was born on September 11, 2008. Natasha spends a lot of time alone with her children, while Jeff travels around the world with his work for Animal Planet channel and Disney Channel. She has maintained to keep her profile very low so there is not much information found related to her personal life.

Natasha and her husband Jeff have a steady family life, without any rumors of breaking ups or affairs. She is a housewife and full-time mum who takes care of their kids while her husband is mainly away because of his humanitarian work and various shows that he shoots all over the world. They have been apart a lot due to Jeff’s traveling, but he has always come home to his steady wife. Jeff said in his book that he knew that he had found a very special woman.Although 50, she is still an attractive woman with a slim figure, blonde her and blue eyes. She is often seen as she makes public appearances with her husband for different reasons and when they have time to go out with their family. They now live in a lake house in Marshfield, Massachusetts

Little or none is known for her love life before her husband, mostly because she moved a lot in different countries and in different parts of the world. There have been rumors of her being a lesbian, but are not true since there have been no implications to state that she has had a homosexual affair. She is happily married to her husband and has two daughters, which is a perfect support to the claim that she is straight.


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