Neater Feeder: Review


About the Neater Feeder:

Does your pet get more food on the floor than in it’s mouth?  Do you have super sloppy drinkers?  The Neater Feeder is perfect for your fur baby! 

My Review:

The Neater Feeder is the perfect addition to our pet feeding situation.  We have raised feeders for our dogs- a Border Collie and a Lab, but they don’t collect the mess that our sloppy Camp Wags Campers make!  We received the Neater Feeder when we were watching a Bermese Mountain Dog.  SHe loved the raised feature and her sloppy drinking never needed mopping!  The Neater Feeder caught it all.  She had just had surgery and having the raised feature really helped her eat more comfortably.

I am using it all the time now for my Yellow Lab.  She is 14 and has bad hips and shoulders.  The Neater Feeder is higher than her raised dishes and she can eat more comfortably now.  She has been known to be a little messy eating, but one of the other dogs always helps her with that!

The Neater Feeder was very easy to set up.  I was happy to have the extension legs to make the feeder higher for my pups!  They snapped on easily.  The feeder is very well made- no cheap plastic that bends or chips.  I actually dropped it on the floor when I was putting the legs on, I was sure it was going to be cracked.  But no, it didn’t even have a mark on it.

I highly recommend this Neater Feeder for anyone with pets.  I love that it keeps the water bowl protected.  How many times have one of your dogs or kids tipped over a whole bowl of water?  You won’t need to worry about that with the Neater Feeder!

Keep spoiling your pets and save your floor with a Neater Feeder!


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