NeckRelax Review: Can It Really Take The Pain Away?


NeckRelax brings the relief to you with a personal neck massager just when you can’t get out to a massage therapist or chiropractor to help with your pain. Nothing quite knocks you on your derrière like neck pain. Extreme stiffness, zinging pain, and throbbing headaches are just a few of the symptoms that can result from neck issues.

Among the wide selection of neck massagers on the market is the NeckRelax massager. This NeckRelax review will investigate this product in a comprehensive and detailed fashion. 

In this NeckRelax review, we will explore the features of the NeckRelax massager and review its effectiveness. Because, when it comes to neck pain, there is no time for messing around. You need good relief and you need it fast. Let’s get right into it. 

What is NeckRelax? 

NeckRelax is a pain relief system that sits comfortably on your neck to provide instant tension relief. It’s a hands-free massage collar with two therapy delivery nodes on the back. These nodes function as heating or vibration massagers and target the most common area that neck pain emerges from.

The collar also comes with a set of electrode pads, extending that relief from the back of your neck to anywhere on your body. Neck pain is often accompanied by a sore lower back or tight spots between your shoulder blades. These pads help you reach those areas without needing a separate device. 

No more dredging off to the salon to sit in the waiting room for 40min and set your wallet on fire paying for one treatment. You can get all the relief you need from the comfort of your own home, without the need to make awkward conversation with a stranger during a hands-on massage. 

The NeckRelax personal massager provides fast and effective treatment to sore and tight muscles. You might not realize how much stress you hold in your neck and shoulders until you give this thing a try, as all the NeckRelax reviews confirm. 

NeckRelax Features and Specifications

  • Instant Relaxation
  • Comfortable and Snug Fit
  • Adjustable Gentle Arms
  • Different Working Modes
  • Variable Care Intensity
  • 2xAAA Battery Powered

How does NeckRelax work?

NeckRelax utilizes a balanced combination of treatment therapies. This allows you to find which settings work best for you, or utilize different techniques for different issues. 

You’ve got tight stress-filled shoulders one day and a tweaked neck the next day. No worries, NeckRelax has all the tools in the caddy to help you out. 

See the features below:

  • Infrared heat: from the two nodes at the back of the collar emits warming heat to relax your muscles and improve blood flow
    • Best for: when you deep relief
  • Massage: three massage levels provide soothing vibration to release tight and tender spots
    • Best for: athletes and sports injuries
  • Electro-stimulation: the included electrode pads will extend the range of the massage collar to target larger neck and shoulder muscles, or anywhere else on your body.
    • Best for: extended relief and targeting other areas of the body

As you can see, NeckRelax does a lot! It’s a multifunctional massager, perfectly portable, and highly adjustable. 

NeckRelax reviews suggest to simply place the collar on, click “on,” and choose a setting. There you have it. It couldn’t be simpler to find pain relief. This easy to use massager does all the work for you, so you can just sit back and relax. Or get up and pour yourself another coffee! You can do anything you need to while wearing NeckRelax.

When you receive the device, all you have to do is pop in two batteries and you’re done. No tricky and extensive setup. Simply fast and efficient pain relief. 

Does the NeckRelax really work?

A quick scan through the customer testimonials will tell…nay, shout to you…nothing but praise and positive reviews. In just 10 minutes of use, you’ll have certain relief from your symptoms as the NeckRelax reviews confirm. And NeckRelax is safe to use, so you can put it to work several times a day. 

NeckRelax reviews rave about the ability of the NeckRelax massager to eliminate stress, loosen muscles, and obliterate tender knots. Many reviews note that the person has tried lots of other massagers but to no avail. 

The best thing NeckRelax reviews like about it? You can simply put it around your neck and continue with what you’re doing. You don’t have to waste half a day at the spa or take time off of work to take care of your symptoms. You can drive, work at a computer, vacuum, read, or even doze off, all while wearing this comfortable neck massage collar.

NeckRelax is small and portable. You can wear it on your daily drive, then store it in your briefcase to take it up to the office. Or, keep it stashed in your gym bag for a quick recovery session after your workout. 

Is the NeckRelax effective?

Not only is NeckRelax effective, but it’s also fast. Combine those two and it’s the perfect equation for pain-free days. Thanks to the multiple modes of the NeckRelax, you’re likely to find the best combination to work for you.

Other devices only use heat or massage, so you take a chance hoping for effectiveness with them. In contrast, you’ve got three completely different therapy deliveries with NeckRelax, and you’re likely to enjoy each one. 

This is a better and faster way to find relief for your neck pain symptoms. You’ll have a lot of functions at your disposal and can employ them in a snap. This advanced pain relief system works with an electronic pulse massage to deliver powerful and effective treatment. 

Is NeckRelax safe to use?

This device is very safe to use. It’s gentle and highly adjustable. Some NeckRelax reviews reported that it is so gentle, they’ve even fallen asleep while using it. Unlike other aggressive massage devices, NeckRelax starts gentle and can be programmed from there once you adapt your tolerance or if you need more pressure.

With six specific massage modes, you’ll have plenty of space for selecting the perfect massage pressure for you. You can use it daily, or multiple times a day, with no adverse effects. 

The collar itself is comfortable and doesn’t sit on the neck tightly at all. The arms are adjustable and will fit nearly any size person with ease. 

NeckRelax uses cutting edge technology to fit a lot into a little package. You’ll get advanced pain relief in just a matter of minutes. 

Why should you get a NeckRelax? 

If you have neck pain you should get a NeckRelax. Relief is just 10 minutes away with this handy personal neck massager. Pain tends to make a person cranky, and a cranky person makes everyone else around them cranky too. 

Away with the neck pain, shoulder tension, muscle knots, and general crankiness with this small but capable device. 

If you fall into any of the below categories, you would benefit from the NeckRelax massager:

  • Limiting neck pain
  • Tight and sore shoulders
  • Headaches originating from a painful neck
  • Sports injuries and soreness in the neck
  • Stress overload

Instead of being crippled by your pain, you’ll have more mobility and energy to do the things you want and need to do. Take a note of how you feel during activities right now. Maybe you haven’t realized how much your neck pain affects you and what you’re able to do. Life is a lot easier, and more enjoyable when it isn’t riddled with pain. 

Where can I buy a NeckRelax?

NeckRelax is only available on the official website. This makes the price more affordable to you and ensures that you’re getting the authentic device. There are a lot of neck massagers out there, this is where you’ll get the right one. 

It’s easy to find and ships to you as quickly as can be. Neck pain should wait for no delay. This comfortable neck massager is available to purchase Only at the Official NeckRelax website

NeckRelax Pros and Cons

Let’s cover some highlights on the positive and negative features of the NeckRelax. All the info detailed above but in a succinct and easy to glance through display. Find our overall impression of the NeckRelax massager in bullet form below. 


  • Portable: take it anywhere, even your drive to work
  • Multiple modes to use: find what works best for you
  • Quick and easy to use: get relief fast
  • Hands-free: place the collar on and continue with your work!
  • Affordable: just like pain relief should be


  • Some Neck Relax reviews might prefer to have more than two heating nodes
  • Having the ability to recharge the device, instead of use batteries would be gr


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