Need of QuickBooks POS Cloud Hosting In Your Retail Business


Think about the good and bad customer experiences at your retail store and the related accounting chaos in the backend – what comes to mind first? If it makes several things pop up suddenly in your mind, it’s not surprising.

Good customer experiences make us rely on how you do things. Bad ones mean that there’s something we need to change.

While handling the retail store, the actual purchase happens at the billing counter when a customer gives you his card or cash to buy from your store. To streamline customer experience at this step of the journey, you need a robust POS solution, which is why you might have invested in QuickBooks POS software. Being a multi-purpose POS solution, it can be used for managing sales, inventory, bills, payments, and even employee time tracking. In fact, it has been designed to manage more than 15,000 inventories and is quite easy to use.

Despite all these benefits, you may want to further increase the efficiency at which POS transactions are handled. If yes, it’s time for you to think about switching to QuickBooks POS hosting. It is a cloud-backed approach to making your small business even more efficient.

What goes into the installation side of QuickBooks POS cloud hosting, accessibility, and security? Let’s get into the details.

QuickBooks POS Desktop Hosting: Definition

Cloud-hosted QuickBooks POS provides a centralized database for multiple locations while local-hosted software does not.

That’s one of the key differences between switching to cloud technology and continuing to use the traditional software hosting method.

QuickBooks POS hosting refers to the process of hosting your licensed QB POS solution on a remote server managed by a cloud hosting provider. This is different from having the software installed on a particular computer system(s).

Once hosted on the cloud, QuickBooks POS software enables you to accept card payments through smart devices, such as mobile phones and tablets from any store location. In other words, once paired with cloud servers, QB POS solution can be used anytime, anywhere, and using any Internet-connected device without the need to install it on a local system.

This is a much-needed solution for retail stores like yours to ensure effortless management and data transition across the same platform.

Why Should You Switch from Local-Hosted to Cloud-Hosted QuickBooks POS?

You might have seen multiple POS software being installed in different local stores, which may or may not include QuickBooks. Each of them has its unique benefits and highlights, but not many of them are as focused on being accessible anytime and anywhere as in the case of QuickBooks cloud hosting.

How you deal with your customers via a POS machine is a part of doing business, not the whole business itself. Still, it will determine the success of your business to a great extent. Inventories, bills, payments, and more – you can handle it all via the cloud-backed QuickBooks POS solution.

  1. You save money with cloud hosting

Many of you know about the working of cloud hosting and the fact that it requires you to buy a hosting plan in addition to the licensed version of QuickBooks POS. Saying that it helps save money sounds the opposite, doesn’t it?

The truth is –  you spend money on QuickBooks POS desktop hosting to save a much bigger amount that is otherwise needed for setup and maintenance of the in-house IT environment. Hosting your licensed QuickBooks POS on the cloud eliminates the need to invest heavily in hardware, software, and an in-house IT support team to manage the infrastructure. The cloud hosting provider you select will take the responsibility to host the application on remote servers, thus allowing you to access data from any location.

Here, the remote server setup and other related integrations are owned and managed by the cloud provider. If you want an even more practical comparison, simply check the cost of a suitable cloud hosting plan and the corresponding investment required in setting up the infrastructure in-house.

  1. You need not worry about IT setup management

Why is the POS solution not working? Why am I getting errors visible on the screen while processing bills? Why is the software not accessible?

These are some of the common questions that business owners like you often ask while dealing with problems related to POS software. If such technical issues do not quite happen, you wouldn’t want to hire an in-house team for tech support, would you?

While you cannot eliminate the need for support and software management, you can avoid worrying about it by having a QuickBooks POS hosting provider by your side. Hosting this software on the cloud does not require you to look after the software upgrade or server maintenance on your side. This enables you to focus more on the core business operations.

In addition, cloud-hosted QB POS also allows you to utilize storage devices cost-effectively, thus saving you from the burden of complex in-house storage setups.

  1. You benefit from better security of your POS data

You refilled the inventory with more products, and you have the data about it. Your customers paid you a certain amount on one specific day via your QuickBooks POS application, and you have that data too. But what about losing all such data? What can such data loss do to your business?

Irrespective of the scale of your business or niche, data loss can be quite damaging – both emotionally and financially. That is why ensuring top-notch data security is of utmost importance for your retail store. In general, there are two ways you can ensure that – by either investing in multiple security measures in-house or simply switching to QuickBooks POS cloud hosting.

Compromised security of business-critical data is out of the question with cloud-hosted QuickBooks POS. For small businesses facing budget constraints and even others, hosted QB POS solution is a cost-effective way to maintain complete data security against malware, cyber threats, and unauthorized intrusion.

  1. You get a high server uptime guarantee

If you have local retail stores that open up in the morning hours and continue to operate till midnight, it’s the QuickBooks POS machine that is up and running along with your employees. Like humans, some machines and applications face functional issues while working constantly for a long time. If this happens to your POS, it simply means letting your customers walk away from your store empty-handed.

Frequent downtimes can affect retail business stores quite severely. However, you can shield your business against such impact by switching to QuickBooks POS cloud hosting solutions. Cloud servers hosting the application will ensure that it remains operational round-the-clock.

Particularly if you want to get through the daily work activities on your retail outlets, look for a cloud hosting provider providing a server uptime guarantee. Ace Cloud Hosting – a leading QuickBooks hosting provider is known to provide an SLA-backed uptime guarantee of 99.999%.

In the end QuickBooks POS with cloud hosting is a sure shot to let your business function as smoothly as it should. You will also benefit from centralized data access, multi-user access, data security, and more


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