New Roofing Technology
New Roofing Technology

There have been significant changes in lifestyle for everyone in the year 2020. The rise of the Covid-19 crisis has led to countries’ lockdowns and restrictions to curb the spread of the deadly virus. However, there have been significant changes and advances in technology that affect how you will view commercial real estate in 2021. The primary sector that has seen technological advancements is roofing techniques, construction, and maintenance. There has been the development of roofing software to enhance roofing services.

Many companies are coming up with ways to make your house roof cooler in 2021. A roof acts as protection and makes your home look beautiful. Therefore, elegant roofs enhance the aesthetic value of these fantastic ideas have led to the creation of many incredible technology innovations to make your roof look even better. It is time to get your roofing CRM ready to tackle competition.

There has also been a significant increase in the scarcity of workers. The roofing industry now has a very high demand in terms of roofing works and projects. Creating roofing software is inevitable for ease of work and efficient installation of work. Many businesses also must generate more leads to survive high competition from other companies.

Whether it is a Milwaukee Residential Roof Repair or elsewhere, homeowners are looking for credible professionals to work on their projects. Here are the technology trends you should be aware of. It would help if you had them to outpace your competition and increase your market base globally.

Increased Ways for Generating Leads

Leads ensure you stay in business. You must sell your products and create a brand that is trusted. There have been increased methods for generating leads for roofing services. Formerly, it was so cumbersome to get relevant leads for commercial roofing. The available leads were also short-lived and could leave your business in jeopardy.

Currently, you can generate leads that are powerful and stable. These leads target all the services for commercial roofing. You can get vital tips for new construction, maintenance, renovations, damage repairs, and storm damage quickly. These efficient leads will help you search and identify work opportunities automatically. You can find out the types of buildings, building-levels, sales, and the owners’ characteristics.

There are lead generating platforms you can use to filter the search you make for your prospective clients. Some filters that can be applied include:
 • The number of units a building has and their arrangement.
 • The surface area of the building to be renovated in feet.
 • The age of the building depending on the year it was built.
 • The year that the building was lastly renovated.
 • The locations of the building.

After locating the building you want to work on, you can have their owners’ contacts. The connections are given in terms of email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses if applicable. These lead generating platforms also allow you to drag and drop contact information you need and make work more comfortable to reach the clients.

You can get these powerful leads with a click of a button. The process is simple, fast, and efficient. These platforms also give you time for decision making and direct contact with your clients. You can get in touch with the building’s owners and enquire more about what they need. You can now put your work in order and list all the equipment you need to start work immediately.

Use of Mobile Apps

Many people use their mobile devices every second of their life. It is one device you depend on for all your communication and getting information quickly. Mobile apps are inevitable for roofers. Mobile apps help make quick paperwork and minor tasks you may need while work is in progress.

With the emergence of roofing software used on mobile devices, you can create estimates for your work without actually visiting the building.

These fantastic apps are used for several services, such as:
• You can measure the building and roofs remotely.
 • You can communicate and send images of your project to your employees easily.
 • You can create reports and share them with your workers.
 • You can share estimates that you make with your customers.
 • It is easier to make invoices and share them with your customers.
 • You can quickly generate more leads using mobile apps.
 • You can use the apps to find clients’ contacts and reach them for direct communication.

These apps are affordable and very useful. Your business must make sure to get them and compete effectively with the rising technology. Now, you do not need a lot of paperwork or physical follow up when you meet a building that needs renovation. Just use your mobile apps to get the clients’ contact and request them to service their roof. These mobile apps are perfect time saviors.

Availability of roofing software

The mobile apps mentioned above are part of this remarkable technological advancement in roofing services. There are software roofers that can choose from to use in their daily work. You can have all your software tools on all your electronic devices for accessible communication and information retrieval. Serving your clients is enhanced more by the use of this impeccable software.

Every roofer needs to have a roofing crm in 2021. These CRM’s are easily combined with other tools to enhance your productivity. You can use your roofing CRM as the engine of your system.

The widespread benefits of these CRMs include:
 • Increased management of lead generation platforms.
 • You can get measurements for any building remotely and fast.
 • Managing your roofing project is automated and easy. You reduce the time spent taking measurements and looking for client’s contacts.
 • You can easily make your project estimation and share them with all your workers and clients.
 • It is easy to supervise ongoing projects and tasks.
 • You can easily make invoices and share them with your clients.
• Receiving payments is easy and varied. You can get funds to transfer them to your banking accounts.
 • You can integrate these CRMs with apps that let you create custom workflows.
 With CRMS, your work is seamless and smooth. There is no lag time; hence the project is done fast and efficiently. Reach all your clients and communicate in real-time with fantastic technology.

Use of Drones

The use of drones in 2020 has increased drastically. It will be more rampant because drones have so many benefits to any roofing business. Formerly, most people used drones for inspecting buildings, but roofers now use the technology to check and analyze all their roofing projects. Several high-resolution drones can take aerial images, which are used for mapping and measurements of roofs remotely.

The quality images taken by drones can create websites and are used in ads that generate massive leads. You can use the images to build your website and explain your past projects to new clients since drones can take pictures before and after a project. You can use these images to showcase your work and build your brand.

The future of drone technology depends on sensors in many ways. From multispectral camera sensors for agriculture to thermal sensors for search and rescue, we have seen this technology changing. Further developments in the thermal imaging industry are expected to alter drone technology significantly. The Thermal imaging industry is roughly projected to exceed $10B, according to So that would promote a wider variety in drone technology as the market grows.

When you have similar images to a new project, you can share them with your next client to assess if they want similar services. You can share these images easily through social media ads and your email campaigns. The use of drones is very economical. They can be preprogrammed to take pictures, and you do not need to make a follow-up. They will automatically take an image and send it to your system. It is time-saving and reliable.

The ability of drones to measure roofs also keeps you safe. You do not need to climb on top of roofs to take measurements. Workers have had significant injuries when climbing old roofs to take the measurements. Stay safe with the new drone technology and give your clients a memorable experience with your services.

New Roofing Types

There has been increased advancement in trends on types of roofs used by individuals and companies. Daily, people have been looking for ways to include roofs that are sustainable and breathtaking. Many commercial roofs are adopting technologies of incorporating solar panels during roof installations. Other innovations include constructing shelters that can minimize energy loss for buildings of different sizes.

The innovations gave rise to the following exciting types of roofs:

Cool Roofs

These are mostly used in hot climates. Cool roofs keep excess heat out of buildings when there is a spike in temperatures from the sun. They are made using materials that can absorb and reflect energy from the sun. The sun emits electromagnetic energy with different wavelengths. These wavelengths can be absorbed or reflected when they interact with surfaces that have the same wavelength or larger wavelengths.

These roofs are made of light colors. Bright roofs will reflect more electromagnetic energy than dark-colored tops. These roofs can expand when they have absorbed more heat. They can also contract when the temperature is average naturally without breaking. These roofs are inevitable for reducing pollution and the emission of excess heat to the environment.

Green Roofs

These are pretty roofs that give commercial buildings breathtaking scenes. They include vegetation and layers that are waterproof. These are the current eco-friendly roofs that any commercial roof requires. Apart from the beauty of a building, green roofs also have the following benefits:
 • Green roofs absorb rainwater. This rainwater formerly would flow to streets and cause floods and make life uncomfortable in cities and towns. Now it can be efficiently trapped on top of the green roofs.
• The roofs provide natural shade that saves the use of energy to cool buildings.
• Green roofs are very durable. They last more than any roofing system.

Solar Roofs

Solar roofs are becoming popular in commercial roofs diurnally. They are currently more accessible with the advancement of roofing software and the need for sustainable development. They are attractive, durable, and affordable. Since it is also a source of energy, it helps clients cut the cost of the energy they use on electricity by a considerable margin. Many countries have embraced the idea of using commercial solar roofing panels to help reduce the energy deficit.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs may have been operational for several shelters, but they are getting a better approach in 2021. Formerly, they were used in barns and industrial buildings. Now roofing companies have incorporated metal roofs with various styles and colors that have been adopted by commercial roofs.

They are very durable and offer protection for your building. Metal roofs also act as insulators and will keep off excess heat and dangerous rays from the sun. Many commercial roofs that want to live for years will require metal roofs constructed on their buildings. Commercial buildings must also consider OSHA standards for roof fall protection.

With the increased positive technological advancement of roofing services since 2019, you can invest more in these new trends. You will be sure of getting new clients and doing efficient work for your customers.


Clients in the construction industry need comprehensive roofing solutions. The recent innovations in the roofing sector have made a paradigm shift in the technology applied. The varieties of roofs bring diversity and elegance. Watch for the incredible roofing technology trends in 2021.


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