New To Metal – Top 5 Metal Albums You Can Begin With


Music is the ultimate flow of emotion, and we cannot resist the moods of music. Unfortunately, we live in a busy world where we do not have enough time to give to our entertainment purposes. 

However, music plays the double role of motivating our senses and giving us the ultimate source of entertainment. Music also works as a healing power in the mind of the people. We do not tend to live in a world where we only do work and live.

Entertainment is an essential element in nurturing our motivation, and thus here we will be discussing the songs that you are going to love and listen to.

Songs have various genres; for instance, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classical music, Folk music, et cetera are very popular. Apart from that, there is a genre that is popular among the selective people who really want to be metalheads: Heavy metal.

Best Metal Albums Make You A Metalhead From The Beginning 

This is a specific genre of songs where people get lost in their zone sometimes. The heavy music and the hard voice can blow your mind totally. You will not find the balance in the music, but you will find the balance in their instruments. 

Being a metal fan is being a metalhead, and people who love to listen to metal songs are always crazy about these songs. There are various metal bands available in the music world who have served the best of the best years. 

We are going to give you a handpicked glimpse of the albums created by popular metal bands. After that, you can simply download and listen to the songs for free from Pirate Bay

1. Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

Black Sabbath is considered to be the oldest metal band in the world, in popular opinion. They released their very famous album Paranoid in 1970.

There are eight songs in the Paranoid album, including sometimes songs like Paranoid, Iron Man, and Planet Caravan can simply teach you the ultimate sense of metal. These are very rich hard music created by old instruments of that time. 

2. And Justice For All (Metallica)

You cannot imagine how melodious a heavy metal band can be if you do not listen to Metallica yet. …And Justice for All is a very popular album released in 1988 and can give you the goosebump of music. 

Listen to the full album and get back to us if you don’t like it. We assume that you have not missed it, and if you do, then it’s today that you need to check for this band and be a fan of it. 

3. Deliverance (Opeth)

Opeth is considered to be one of the unique bands ever made in the metal world. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you will be in your room of choice. Many people are crazy about this band, and they released their album Deliverance in 2002. 

However, it’s a streamline between the old and new metal songs, and thus this mixture is going to be on your list. There are six songs altogether to blow your mind as a metalhead.

4. Cowboys From Hell (Pantera)

This American heavy metal band Pantera is going to give you an amazing experience of music with its very popular album Cowboys from Hell. Being released in 1990, it has both 90’s and 21-century fans. 

Twelve songs are included in the album with a unique touch of domination over your mood in this weakened state. 

5. The Mantle (Agalloch)

The Mantle is the second most popular album of Agalloch which was released in 2002. It’s doom metal with the harshness of mental illusion and death music.

“Here I sit at the fire” to explore the “bitter flames” and “graven life,” and that is where you will be able to realize the essence of dark music. This album is very rich in advanced metal, and you will be able to experience it with remastering songs as well. 

Explore The Languid Soul With Popular Metal Bands

Here we have got the best suggestions for you to explore the world of death music. It’s time to give yourself time and follow your imagination. 

All these albums are close to human souls, and thus you will get the chance to fatigue on the facts. Explore the world of heavy metal and thank us later.


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