Oppo Reveals Innovative Slide Phone Design With Nendo 


With big companies like Samsung, Huawei and LG trying to get creative with their smartphone screen designs, it looks like Oppo is stepping up when it comes to phone design. They have recently teamed up with Japanese design firm Nendo to deliver this sophisticated screen innovation.

This collaboration could be a sign of more surprises to come for Oppo. Last month, they also unveiled a rollable concept handset on their Inno Day 2020 event and some tech reviewers off YouTube were also able to get hands-on experience with this concept phone.

\As the technology landscape slowly shifts to portability, it looks like this is just the beginning for Oppo to climb up the ranks in the Android market. This year, T3 also included the Find X2 Pro as well as the Reno 4 Pro 5G as part of the best android phones to get in the Oppo lineup.

A Phone That Can Fold To The Size of A Credit Card

It sounds insane to think that the future of smartphones can pull off something like that but judging from the first few seconds of the video reveal, it looks like Oppo is pushing their creativity to their limits.

Every fold of their display concept showed the phones extended usability, ranging from compact notifications to watching video on full-screen with the concept phone completely unfolded.

Can Oppo Beat the Other Competitors in Terms of Multi-Tasking?

Multi-tasking has become a necessity for every digital nomad nowadays especially the majority of this year where the workforce has been working from home.

Samsung has been leading in innovation when it comes to multi-tasking and phone design. Last year they introduced a folding smartphone called the Galaxy Fold. Additionally, LG also unveiled its first swiveling smartphone called the LG Wing this year.

Oppo is going to be faced with these tough competitions but if they do manage to release this “slide-phone” concept next year, it might become a worthy contender.


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