Since Pantone announced ultimate gray as the defining color for 2021, we’ve seen the influence of it in every part of our lives. The silver hair trend has revived, gray clothing pieces are all the rage and there’s a particularly exciting trend on the rise – ultimate gray nail designs. If you want to learn how to adopt this color into your nail art, we’ve got all the works. Scroll down for some inspiring designs that will make your fingertips look super chic!

Mix gray, white, and glitter nail polishes to give your tips a mesmerizing effect. You can choose a more subtle design like this or apply the combination to each of your nails to create a vbrant design.

Opt for a gorgeous gray French manicure with a modern vibe. It’s one of the most elegant ultimate gray nail designs that require little skill. To spice things up, choose glitter silver nail polish and add cute golden details as a sparkly finish.

Marble nails are completely enchanting, even more so when they’re created with ultimate gray. Ask your nail technician to incorporate marble patterns into your acrylic nails for a stunning look.

If you’re searching for DIY ultimate gray nail designs, here’s our top pick. Apply gray nail polish and decorate each fingertip with black details and a bit of gold foil. This design will show off your creativity.

Spice up your look for the holidays with iridescent ultimate gray nail designs. Apply glitter gold nail polish to a few fingertips to create a contrasting design that stands out. Gray and gold make a beautiful color combo that won’t go unnoticed.

Explore the various shades of gray with this modern French manicure. Create a seamless transition of color by painting each nail in a slightly darker gray nail polish. Finish off with a golden line at the tip of your nails for a sophisticated look.

Paint the beauty of the night sky on your nails with this amazing design that will add a dreamy vibe to your appearance.

Monochromatic ultimate gray nail designs are astonishing, even more so when they’re covered with a matte coat. Copy this idea to give your nails a sophisticated look.

Make your ultimate gray nail designs super bold and flashy with colorful gems. This over-the-top design is a great way to prepare your nails for a festive celebration.


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