Initially, most GamStop gamblers will register for the GamStop Self-exclusion program because they believe it is the right thing to do.

These are online gamblers that typically feel like they may have or might be on the verge of gambling addiction. Occasionally, a gambler might find themselves under the thumb of GamStop because a friend or relative told them it was necessary. 

Regardless of how they get there, GamStop gamblers find themselves blocked from having access to licensed UK online gambling operators that have subscribed to the GamStop scheme.

To be clear, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) requires all of its licensed online operators to subscribe to the program and pay a subscription fee.

While most operators comply, there are some that try to avoid it for as long as possible. They do this at the risk of losing their licenses or getting fined. 

How to Get Around GamStop Self-exclusion

Most GamStop gamblers are committed to the Gamstop scheme. They are fully prepared to ride out their entire exclusion period, after which they can then make decisions about their future online gambling activities.

All of these online gamblers are to be commended for recognizing they might have a problem and trying to do something about it. 

On the other side of the coin are the GamStop gamblers who are not fully committed to the program. These are the gamblers that are most likely to change their minds and want to resume their online gambling activities.

Of course, any attempts they make to resume gambling with licensed UK online operators are probably going to fall victim to GamStop. 

Here’s the good news for GamStop gamblers who are truly motivated to start gambling online again.

There are several options that will help GamStop gamblers resume their online gambling. Here is a list of the options most GamStop operators find appealing:

  • Registering with a non-GamStop UK online gambling operator
  • Opening online gambling accounts with operators that are licensed and regulated in other jurisdictions/countries
  • Seeking access to online operators with weak account verification protocols
  • Visiting land-based casinos/bet shops until self-exclusion ends
  • Opening shared accounts with a family member/friend under their name
  • Playing on a Crypto-only online gambling site

For GamStop gamblers who are looking for casino operators that aren’t on GamStop, CasinoWise UK is providing a list of the available sites.

The Advantages of Using a Crypto-Only Online Gambling Site

Of the options listed above, the crypto-only option might be the one that a GamStop gambler can benefit from the most.

It’s the easiest option if a gambler is familiar with how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin work. 

The fact is there are four primary advantages GamStop gamblers can derive from registering with a crypto-only gambling site. Let’s a closer look at these advantages.

1. Anonymity

The primary goal of any cryptocurrency is to allow consumers/merchants/services providers to participate in commerce with as much anonymity as they want.

Remember, crypto transactions are only recorded on a sequential decentralized registry that contains nothing but verification and transaction codes. No one is required to expose their identity. 

That’s exactly what most online gamblers want. They want to play online without letting anyone know who they are and where they live.

When they open an account with a crypto-only gambling operator, they only have to provide a user name to identify their account and access to a designated crypto-wallet. 

2. Low to No Transaction Fees

When online gamblers fund their gambling accounts with credit cards or some eWallet options, they typically incur annoying and significant transaction fees.

Offshore casinos/sportsbooks deem this necessary because they have to provide customer support to manage transactions.

Crypto-only gambling sites don’t usually charge transaction fees. If they do, they are usually minimal. They are able to offer this advantage because crypto-wallet to crypto-wallet transactions require little to no intervention.

3. Immediate Transaction Processing

Since crypto transactions go from one wallet to another wallet, there is no need for an online gambling site’s staff to manage said transaction.

That allows for the immediate posting of deposits without the need for customer service intervention. 

This advantage is even more exciting in terms of withdrawals. The speed at which crypto transactions can be performed means gamblers can get their withdrawals quicker.

The only thing they might have to endure is a casino’s pending requirement while they verify eligible funds for withdrawing. 

4. Deposit/Withdrawal Limits

One of the reasons other banking options come with low limits is because of the risk an online gambling site has to accept when funds are transferred.

With cryptocurrencies, the level of risk is next to nothing because crypto users are required to have hard funds in the crypto-wallet before they can make transfers.

Online gambling operators love this advantage so much that they often offer bigger bonuses to entice gamblers to make bigger deposits.


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