Pokémon Go Blue Egg Raid


In this guide we will tell you everything that you need to know how to raid pokemon go blue egg.

You can now extend your June community day experience by participating in different kind of four star raids.

In Pokemon Go, you may have noticed that an egg is placed above the gym before a raid begins. Raid eggs come in a variety of colours, and each colour has a specific meaning in Pokemon Go. This article explains the Raid Egg Color in Pokemon Go so that you can better prepare for battle. Here is how you will be able to do this egg raid.

Pokemon Go Blue Egg Raid: For this raid you need to look around for the blue color raid eggs which will be appearing on top of Gyms and prepare to take on Zweilous to get it. As it is a higher star tier so there will be a difficult battle and a 5 star tier pokemon will emerge. So overall this raid is going to be bit difficult you can view here and get blue egg raid.

Four star raids can not be done with remote raid passes while you can access it only via raid passes or with premium battle passes.

Players can participate in short-lived raid battles that take place within Gyms. Cooperative gameplay is encouraged in Raid Battles, where players team up with others to take down Raid Bosses, an extremely powerful Pokémon.

Features of blue egg: It is a raid level 5 and not able to do solo and has boss CP 37603 and the pokemon is Articuno.

How to repeat same raid if you fail once

There are no Raid Pass refunds for failed raids, but the same raid can be attempted for free again and again until the raid instance despawns, allowing players to retry as many times as they like.

How much time you get for raid

you get 45 minutes the Raid Boss must be defeated within a time limit of 3 minutes for rank 1-4 raids and 5 minutes for rank 5-6 raids, or the raid fails and the party must either try again or give up.


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