Pokimane lashes out as trolls spam her picture without makeup 


Imane “Pokimane” Anys has had enough of sexist harassment towards her. 

While JiDion’s hate raid led to a lot of trolling and harassment, Pokimane is unfortunately no stranger to constant sexist bullying outside of that incident. One of the most consistent examples of harassment Pokimane has faced is related to a stream she once did without makeup.

The 2018 stream saw Pokimane chatting with her fans as per usual, but this time without makeup. She admitted during the stream that she is never seen without makeup and her hair done. During the stream, Pokimane showed her viewers how she does her makeup for a Twitch stream. 

While innocent in nature, the stream ended up being screenshotted and used to insult Pokimane’s appearance across social media.

Pokimane responds to sexist harassment over no makeup stream

Even though it’s been years since the no-makeup stream occurred, Pokimane has been getting mocked for her natural appearance ever since. 

After the JiDion hate raid, Pokimane told her followers that she was being attacked by the since-banned Twitch streamer and his fans. JiDion had even changed his profile picture to an image of Pokimane without makeup. 

On February 11, Pokimane shared a 2D version of herself on Twitter. Some people responded with a screenshot of Pokimane without makeup, insinuating that the 2D artwork wasn’t accurate to Pokimane’s actual appearance.

This is not new for Pokimane. She has discussed how female streamers are judged by their appearance all the time, and has insinuated that some are would claim female content creators are only watched because fans want to have sex with them. The harassment over her natural appearance has clearly frustrated Pokimane, and she finally responded to the screenshot being spammed. 

Earlier today, Pokimane tweeted the image herself with a vitriolic line of text.

Some applauded Pokimane for highlighting the image and standing up for herself. Others questioned her decision to bring up her money as part of the discussion, however, feeling it was distasteful.
While the response to Pokimane’s statement were mixed, the majority of the streaming community has continued to support her throughout this latest spurt sexist harassment. A number of big-name streamers have pointed out that male streamers would never face this amount of toxicity and harassment over their appearance.


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