New Hairstyles in 2022
New Hairstyles in 2022

Pop smoke braids are the new trend taking over hairstyles in 2022. With its unique mix of old and new, these hot hairstyles are the most popular trend of the year! Plus, they’re much easier to create than you think! Check out this guide on how to get pop smoke braids, and let us know what you think!

1) Sleek straight hair, color-shifting through yellow to blue

The pop smoke braid is all about flawless hair. It’s sleek, colorful, and perfect for weddings or important events. You need perfect, straight, and silky hair with no visible flyaway strands to pull it off.

There are plenty of ways to achieve healthy and smooth locks with all of today’s great hair products. Begin by dividing your hair into sections, depending on how many colors you want in your braid; that’s when it becomes easier to comb out separate areas, so you have perfectly straight strands.

For example, if you have black, red, and white strands, divide your head into three sections from front to back on both sides for a three-color braid.

2) Curly hair with smooth lines and length

This hairstyle was popular in 2015, and it was also common to see it on celebrities. However, as you can tell from these examples, stars could only maintain their naturally curly hair due to their wealth.

In 2022, new technology will allow us to create smoother and more polished curls with our hair strands. You will want to go into a salon and ask for a style similar to what is being done here or go ahead and buy one yourself if you’re brave enough!

You’ll be guaranteed perfect results each time while looking exactly like your favorite celebrity. This is what we call Pop Smoke Braids.

3) Tousled pinup locks, baby hairs at the side

These classic braid hairdos have been revived and taken to new, edgier heights. The hair trend that’s here to stay is a pop smoke braid — an intense style of braiding that lets your natural texture shine through.

Sometimes referred to as wash-and-go hairstyles, pop smoke braids go from straight and smooth one day to thick, wavy tendrils at night. If you’re looking for something fun and easy (and, ideally, unbreakable), a pop smoke braid might be right!

4) Crazy color balayage

Balayage (blah-ZHAY) is a French word that translates to sweep. It’s an ombre-like hair color technique where sections of hair are painted or highlighted with gradual color graduation.

You may have seen it—it’s often colorful and trendy among celebrities with longer hair. The pop smoke balayage style, aka double balayage, will be even more popular on short hairstyles in 2022.

The look includes two shades of color, one darker and one lighter, swirling from roots to ends for a natural yet dramatic effect. Check out some of our favorite pop smoke braids below!

5) Glittery, messy pink buns

In 2022, we’ll be obsessed with messy and relaxed hairstyles. A combination of glittery pink hair, wavy locks, and sleek braids that come down over one eye will define pop smoke braids.

The best part? You can easily recreate these looks at home with a few bobby pins and a little hairspray! If you want to look like the celebrities of tomorrow, try adding some light makeup for an edgy look that is sure to please.

Experiment with golden brown eyeshadow paired with pink lips for a feminine touch that balances out edginess. To get started on your new future-forward ‘do, check out tutorials from your favorite YouTubers!

6) Sharp braided shaved sides, slight curl with a flat top

The pop smoke braid is one of our favorites for many reasons. It’s super unique and fresh, has an undeniable sharp style that can be pulled off on both ends of the spectrum (trendy and professional), and it’s easy to do! You need a good razor cut, some pomade or cream, and maybe a matte clay spray if you want to get that textured look on top.

Next time you get your hair cut, ask your barber if they could sharpen your sides with scissors; usually, they have sharp razors that will give a nice clean line between your hair and sideburns. If not, let them know you’d like those pop smoke cuts.

7) Hairpieces/accessories showing through, chunky blunt cut bangs

This is a trend that will be unique to each individual. Instead of having thick, long hair with curls or waves, some people may opt for thin pieces and bangs stylized differently. Adding colorful glass beads or pearls creates an exciting twist to your appearance.

Although there is a distinct difference between 2028 and 2022 hairstyles and accessories, there isn’t much difference between 2028 and now; color schemes will be similar, textures (straight, curly), material (synthetic/natural), etc.

Expect more individuality from women’s hairstyles; instead of following mainstream trends, you can showcase your personality with your look!

8) Straight baby hairs, purple ends

Popularized by @genesis_thatsme, pop smoke braids will gain traction as natural-looking highlights and lowlights become more popular.

The Bamboo filter on Instagram has also made it, so new light-colored styles are trendy. As a result, pop smoke braids offer women an easy way to reinvent their current look or try something new without dealing with too much maintenance or upkeep.

They also provide a quick fix for any hair disaster, even if you don’t have time for a major hair transformation!

9) Short multi-shaded stripe bobs with softer edges Known as bobs,

these hairstyles involve all-over short hair but a twist. The pop smoke braids will be divided into lighter and darker colors, creating small strands of color that add definition to otherwise straight styles.

This look is also great for straightening curly hair without crimping or dulling it down; more on that later! While multi-shaded stripes can take some time, you can use clip-in extensions for your pop smoke braids if you want to save some time.

Like other braided hairstyles, pop smoke braids are easy to maintain and won’t require much effort once you get used to them. Plus, they’re easy enough for anyone looking for a change but who’s worried about total commitment.

10) Boho pixie cuts, pastel-colored velvet tresses, scalp showing

These are just a few pop smoke braids that trended in 2022. When do you plan to let your hair down, hair lovers? Pop smoke braids will be one way to express yourself.

Don’t worry about letting it all hang out or missing out on trends; there are plenty of ways to play with trends without being too risky and keeping things easy, breezy, and bright as we head into our favorite season! With all eyes on what’s happening at Fashion Week, no doubt we can look forward to evening more pop smoke braids come Spring 2019. What will YOU wear?


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