Power Life High Impact Plant Protein by Tony Horton [Review]


Over the years, protein powders have gained an insane amount of traction since many of these products are designed to aid in faster recovery of our muscles after strenuous workouts and promote feelings of relaxation within our bodies. Not only that, but quite a few of these supplements come loaded with metabolic enhancers that can allow individuals to lose weight in a quick, seamless manner.

In this regard, Power Life ™ High Impact Plant Protein ™ can be thought of as a protein-based fat loss formula that features several natural nutrients, active ingredients that can not only aid in faster weight loss but also allow users to optimize their innate digestive mechanisms.

According to the official company website, each ingredient in this supplement has been verified for its clinical efficacy. A third-party laboratory has even examined it. As a result, users can be sure that they are only ingesting the highest quality product possible.

A Closer Look at High Impact Plant Protein ™

In its most basic sense, High Impact Plant Protein ™ can be thought of as a health optimizing formula that contains a potent blend of many different efficacious plant protein extracts, HMB, vitamin D3, as well as certain digestive enzymes designed. All of these ingredients are designed to work in conjunction with one another and therefore may be able to provide users with a plethora of benefits such as:

  • Faster muscle and tissue recovery
  • Increased strength and stamina levels
  • Preservation of lean muscle mass

Also, as mentioned in an earlier paragraph, thanks to the presence of various digestive enzymes and natural laxative compounds, High Impact Plant Protein ™ can promote healthy digestion — which in turn allows for the expulsion of unwanted toxins, greasy derivatives, triglycerides, waste materials that may have accumulated in our excretory channels due to years of unhealthy eating, drinking, and smoking.

In addition to all of the information highlighted above, the product is also designed to provide benefits like:

(i) Efficient Muscle Development: As many of our readers may be aware, proteins are the basic building blocks of our bodies and are needed by our systems to facilitate several key metabolic operations. In this regard, it bears mentioning that the derivatives present in High Impact Plant Protein ™ may aid in the faster synthesis of lean muscle mass in one’s body (that too within a short time window).

(ii) Chiseled Waistline: According to the manufacturer, the supplement active ingredients may be able to target fat deposits that may have gathered in and around a person’s waist region. The product may also help eliminate greasy accumulations that usually tend to fester in older men and women’s bodies.

(iii) Energy Release: When taken as advised, High Impact Plant Protein ™ may be able to fire up the body’s innate metabolic processes and aid in the release of energy in a quick, streamlined manner (thus enabling users to feel active, vital, refreshed through the course of their day to day activities).

(iv) Digestive Enhancement: Thanks to the inclusion of certain digestive enzymes, the supplement may be able to mitigate many problems associated with gas buildup (that usually arise as a result of consuming rich food items). The manufacturer also claims that the product has the potential to prevent issues such as bloating and cramping.

So What Exactly does High Impact Plant Protein ™ Contain?

Each serving of High Impact Plan Protein comes loaded with a balanced mix of plant proteins, HMB, essential vitamins, and digestive enhancers, among others. Some of these active ingredients include:

Vegan Protein Blend

This patented protein mixture has been formulated to optimize the body’s natural healing mechanisms; it may also be useful in the faster development of key muscles and tissues within one’s system.


Commonly referred to as Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB). In its most basic sense, it can be thought of as a natural chemical derivative that is usually obtained after the body metabolizes a compound called leucine present in many of the food items that we tend to eat daily.

When taken in controlled doses, HMB cannot only aid in the faster development of muscle mass in one’s body, but it also prevents issues related to muscle loss that a lot of men and women face after 40.

Several studies have also suggested that HMB is an ideal post-workout ingredient that can help relax our bodies and even aid in eliminating lactic acid — a compound that is known to induce stress, fatigue, and tension in our muscles, sinews, etc.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D (ergocalciferol-D2, cholecalciferol-D3, alfacalcidol) is a fat-soluble compound most commonly obtained from sun rays. However, it can also be taken externally in supplements, protein powders, pre-post workout mixes, etc.

From a clinical standpoint, it bears mentioning that D3 not only helps make our immune system stronger but also maximizes the body’s ability to absorb key minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. As a result, it can help strengthen one’s skeletal system and promote faster bone healing in cases where an individual may be recovering from an injury.


This natural enzymatic derivative has been studied over the last couple of decades and has been found to aid in muscle mass development and recovery. In addition to this, prohydrolase may also be useful in promoting healthy, faster nutrient absorption (especially after one has ingested a meal).

Lastly, researchers also believe that prohydrolase may help optimize the body’s natural digestive processes by releasing essential enzymes and compounds required by one’s system for the faster breakdown and synthesis of complex carbohydrates and fats.


In its most basic sense, Chlorella can be thought of as an algae extract that is commonly used in many anti-aging products due to its rich antioxidant content. When taken regularly, it can help eliminate harmful free radicals known to speed up the aging process, resulting in our skin becoming wrinkly, saggy, creepy, and lifeless.

Not only that, a whole host of recent medical data claims that Chlorella may even be useful in bolstering the body’s key immune functions, thereby promoting a sense of well being.


While not a direct nutritional agent in and of itself, Chromium is known to aid in the faster transportation of key amino acids to our muscles, internal organs, etc. This not only allows for better recovery but also allows users to feel fresh, active, energized, focused through the course of their day to day activities.

Yellow Pea

Yellow Pea come loaded with plant-based proteins and healthy carbs and fibers — thereby making them extremely beneficial for the human body. Not only that, some researchers believe that a diet centered around these natural extracts may allow users to lose weight in a quick, seamless fashion.


Derivatives of this natural flower extract are commonly used all across Asia (especially in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka) for cooking purposes. From a benefits standpoint, sunflower seeds may be useful in lowering one’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Not only that, but the seeds also contain copious amounts of vitamin E and may thus be able to control one’s blood sugar levels.


Pumpkin is a common vegetable that is used worldwide since it is an excellent source of potassium and beta-carotene.  Pumpkin also contains several other compounds such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, C, and B, essential for various important catalytic reactions within our bodies.

Flax Seeds

A mountain of medical literature released over the last decade has shown that flax seeds are beneficial for fat loss and weight management purposes. Other benefits commonly associated with this natural seed extract include:

  • It may help in relieving a whole host of symptoms related to constipation.
  • It may help control one’s blood cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad”) cholesterol levels.
  • It may reduce one’s chances of developing certain heart-related conditions.

Other Aspects of High Impact Plant Protein ™ Worth Mentioning.

Enhanced Body Composition: Daily use of the supplement may help promote faster muscle development, thus allowing users to feel stronger and more confident.

Natural: The product is totally free of any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and any antibiotics, binders, fillers, chemical substances (basically compounds that may cause dependency issues or other side effects later down the line).

Recovery: An underrated facet of High Impact Plant Protein ™ is that it can be used as a post-workout mix since it helps release any stress, tension, the lactic acid buildup that may be present in our muscles, tissues, etc.

Positive Testimonials: A quick look online shows us that the product has been received quite well globally. In this regard, several people claim to have used the supplement and benefited through its use.

Where can I Buy High Impact Plant Protein™?

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is via the official company website — i.e., https://mypowerlife.com. The supplement is available in two flavors — i.e., Vanilla and Chocolate — and can be availed of using the following deals:

  • One bottle is available for a base sum o $69.96
  • Three bottles are available for a 10% discount — $188.85
  • Six bottles are available for a heavily reduced rate of $353.70

All purchases come backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, and free shipping options are available on purchases above $50. Payments can be facilitated via a host of safe and secure avenues such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, etc.


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