Pumpkin Carving Among Us The current trends
Pumpkin Carving Among Us The current trends

Did you know that the image of the hand-crafted Pumpkin carving of the famous Among Us game character has been trending on social media since the last week? Fans of Among Us across Canada and in the United States, and the United Kingdom are curious about the person who made the carving. Who was the person who carved the pumpkin? What is the substance used? What is the appearance? Why is it so popular?

To find the answers to the above questions, take a look at below the Pumpkin Carving Among Usarticle below.

What exactly is Pumpkin carving??

Since we all know Halloween is nearing, lots of people make terrifying pumpkins that have triangular (or) round eyes and sharp teeth, giving the pumpkin a terrifying look. This time, however an internet user had cut the Among Us characters using sweet potatoes.

  • The Creator:

One Reddit member, CowardlyPrince, used butternut squash to form The Among Us crew member. The character is about 2 palms and a miniature pumpkin was used to create the character.

  • Features:

The legs and body of the person on the crew were made from butternut squash. Pumpkin Carving Between Us was cut into a curvy shape, with smooth edges. It looks more yellowish.

The visor and backpack were made from the sweet potato. Its visor has a rectangular shape and has curving edges. The backpack is square in its shape.

The most significant part that is the most important part Among Us crew members, the hat, is made of an oversized pumpkin. It was equipped with triangular eyes as well as sharp teeth. The lower jaw portion on the pumpkin had to be taken out in order to be positioned on the head.

As opposed to the animation Among Us character, the carving appears more attractive. In lieu of blue-colored visors the carving featured the appearance of a pink backpack and visor.

The current trends in Pumpkin Carving among Us:

Fans of Among Us created hundreds of Jack-o’Lantern costumes and photos of their creations can be found on the internet. Some even carved Among Us characters on the pumpkins, and others painted the crew members onto the pumpkin. There were a variety of videos posted on YouTube showing how to carve an Among Us pumpkin. Certain videos demonstrated how to make Among Us characters using different materials.

Updates on Halloween on Among Us:

In the past when it was released, this year, the Among Us game had released several spooky products in the game. This year, since last week, Among Us game relaunched Halloween themed themes for the crew members and fans, which inspired pumpkin carving Among Us. These items include:

  • Plague doctor’s mask
  • Witches hat
  • Wolf ears and
  • Devil Horns

The winter hats from The Among Us games are now available across platforms games for PC, Switch and mobiles.


CowardlyPrince’s creation CowardlyPrince has inspired many people to create gorgeous artwork. The artwork created by CowardlyPrince has received acclaim on social media websites as well as on the internet. Between Us, the Crew Mate Jack-o-Lantern Hat was adorned with a spooky pumpkin. Among Us will release MIRA Skeld and HQ maps with Halloween themes later in the month.


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