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When you are a celebrity, you must pay attention to every fine detail to avoid criticism. How tall is Ranboo, the famous streamer on the social media platform, is a question that has no basic sense, but it might end up with the star in a controversy. The stars and celebrities have to ensure that they are perfect in all sorts. However, many people believe that they can rise globally based on their talent. In some cases, this might be true, but it is mostly nothing but a lie. In fact, to become famous and rule over the public’s hearts, it is of the utmost importance that every aspect of your personality depicts perfection. Only then will you be able to achieve the desired results.

Twitch and YouTube are the two biggest streaming platforms that have opened their doors for the public. Therefore, we are witnessing millions of videos being posted every day. These platforms have offered new opportunities to the public. Similarly, when we talk about our star in question Ranboo, who is also known by the name RanbooLive, then he is a famous Twitch streamer who at the same time streams upon YouTube platform and has gained a lot of popularity on other social media platforms. One of the biggest reasons for his fame is the streaming of Minecraft through his account. The numbers of his followers are increasing with every passing day, adding more value to the star’s name.

How Tall Is Ranboo Is Something Worth Asking

The famous streamer who currently has more than 3 million followers on Twitch has become a sensation among the public. People want to know every little detail about him, which is a healthy sign for his career. The question that is asked most of the time regarding the star is his height. If you are also curious about the height of the famous star, then you should bear with us, and we will provide you with the desired results. According to the available information, the famous streamer is very tall indeed. The mark of his height stands at 6 feet and 6 inches. This is really surprising, and on the other scale, it is calculated to be 199cm. This is truly amazing. It is not every day that we see someone of this height, which is truly astonishing for most viewers.If we dive deep into the personal details of the star, then we will find more about him. Basically, he is an American social media celebrity. According to the records, he was born on 27 December 2003 in the USA. Although he goes by the name Ranboo on social platforms, we are unaware of his real name, which might disappoint the public. But if we analyze his birthdate, then the zodiac sign of the famous streamer can be deduced, which is Capricorn. Moving towards his educational career, we found only a few details. He has completed his high school studies at a private educational institute in his hometown. There is no further information that suggests that the star has joined any college or not.

Some Personal Details Of Ranboo That Might Surprise You

As of now, the star is 18 years old, and according to the available information, he follows the Christian community for religious guidance. His true reason for fame is the videos that he streams on Twitch. Currently, we know that the famous streamer loves to travel around the globe and has been to many countries, including England, to satisfy his travel cravings. We all know that the star’s height is way more than most people. This is why you will find his shoe size different from the others. According to the information on the internet, he has a shoe size of 13 according to US standards. Plus, he weighs over 68 kg, which is nearly an ideal weight for any person.

Although you might not find many pictures of the star in which his face is visible, his dark brown hair is known to the public. Plus, if we combine the effect of these dark brown hair with brown eyes, you can surely say that he is a handsome guy whose looks might surprise you. The career of the famous streamer is bright as day. Although it was experienced that recently the star was not very active on his accounts. His past videos have earned him great fame. The basic reason for the fame was his streaming of the games. But his Minecraft streaming stands the best. The current figure of his followers is 3.9 million, and the number of his subscribers that are actively following him is 56K. How Tall Is Ranboo the main question these days.

Ranboo Net Worth And Other Details

The question asked several times regarding the famous celebrities on the internet is their net worth. Most of the time, the researchers can find the actual figures, but sometimes they have to rely upon estimates and analyses that are not accurate. According to an estimate, the net worth of the famous streamer is near $4 Million. The income source of the star is his Twitch streaming and merchandising. If we look at his YouTube account, he gathers a huge public response, but his videos are not regularly uploaded. Thus he does not get the desired results.

Merchandizing is one of his primary sources of earning. Although he earns through the ads and merchandise part of his videos, he has currently developed his store. On this online store, he sells various products and apparel. He has achieved huge success in this regard, and every new item listed in his store is sold hand to hand. Apart from these, we are not sure whether the star has any other source of income or not.


Although there are millions of streamers on different platforms, who are creating their content on the internet. Not most of them get the response that they desire. There are only a few who gets the attention of the public. Since the famous streamer has achieved heights of fame, this is why the public asks questions such as how tall is Ranboo. But to earn it, you must work hard and smart every day and night. Only then you will make it up to the top.

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