Receiptify: how to get receipt of Spotify music for August – and does it work with Apple Music? 


It’s that time of the month again – Instagram feeds are littered in music receipts. 

Followers are able to see your most streamed song of the month have been.

From Harry Styles, to Metallica, to a bit of classical music if you’re into it, the receipt is personalised to each and every user’s music streaming taste. 

Receiptify has surged in popularity and is allowing users to present their music taste in an unusual way, scanning their top tracks and formatting in a receipt-style screenshot.

Gaining popularity on social media, the app can help you to capture a screenshot of your music taste during a specific period of time.

This is how you can get your own song receipt.

Spotify users can get their most-played tracks in a receipt format with Receiptify. (Credit: Adobe)

What is Receiptify?

Receiptify is an app hosted by Herokuapp.

Like similar top track generator apps, it scans your Spotify playlists and top tracks to create a shop-style receipt ranking your most played tracks from top to bottom.

The screenshots are easily shareable on social media and gives your followers an insight into your music taste.

How do you use Receiptify?

The app is easy to access at

Once on the main page, you will be prompted to log into your music streaming account. You will need to log in to allow the app to scan your listening history.

Once you have logged in, the app will do the rest and generate a stylised list of your top 10 most-played songs.

It also has more details on the receipt – including the combined listen time of your top 10 songs, as well as more personalised details such as your name and the date you made the receipt.

Can I use Receiptify if I have Apple Music?

Yes – if you only have an Apple Music account, the app will still be able to work. You will need to follow the Apple Music link on the main page to log in correctly.

The service is also available to users who can access their receipt by following the link.

What time period can I look at on Receiptify?

The app allows you to choose whether your receipt shows your top tracks of the past month, six months or of all time.

By clicking through, each option will give you a separate receipt showing the top played songs on your account over these time periods.

This feature allows you to compare how your listening habits have changed over different periods of time.

How do I share my receipt on social media?

Once your receipt has been created, there will be a button below which says ‘download image’.

By pressing this, it will save your image to your phone or alternatively, you can screenshot the receipt on the screen.

From there, you can share your receipt to social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in the same method you would share a normal picture.

Who created Receiptify?

The app was created by student Michelle Liu, who launched Receiptify as part of a university project.


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