Recent Eyewear Industry Trends: Staying True To The Times!

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To stay relevant to consumer demands, every industry needs to be fast on their feet so that it can adapt to the changing consumer behaviour. With time, there will always arise new demands and expectations that need to be catered to, for the growth of the industry.

An industry that has done really well to keep itself updated with the changing consumer behaviour is the eyewear industry. In this writeup, we will look at some of the recent trends in the eyewear industry, as a result of innovation.

Online Eyewear

With the availability of eyewear over the internet, things have become very facilitative for both sellers and buyers. When it comes to reachability to the public, the e-commerce platform creates a level playing field for all types of businesses, regardless of their size.

Talking about consumers, it makes shopping for products both time-saving and hassle-free. These e-commerce firms make sizable savings by avoiding the investment costs required to set up a brick-and-mortar setup and even by getting rid of middlemen. This is passed on to the consumers in the form of price cuts and extensive offers and discounts, resulting in pocket-friendly prices of online glasses.

Online glasses are very much popular in present times and a preference for a significant section of the public. Recently, I bought a pair of prescription sunglasses online and I absolutely loved my experience. There are certain things that make them acceptable among consumers. Let’s see what they are!

Apart from the availability of a huge collection that are both stylish and affordable, there are certain user-friendly services that make online glasses very popular. We are talking about services such as eye tests, home trials and also fast delivery.

Scientific Advancements

With all the knowledge that science has to provide, it all comes down to how you utilise it. Throughout its existence, innovation has been the backbone of the eyewear industry. Here are some of the recent scientific advancements that the eyewear industry has made.

With the increasing reliance on digital mediums for even some of the basic needs, most of us have been subjected to an increase in screen time. Digital screens emit blue light, and the excessive exposure to it can lead to things like digital eye strain. One of the most popular eyewear today is blue light blocking glasses that have been introduced by the eyewear industry to tackle the problems associated with exposure to blue light from digital screens.

Nowadays, transition lenses are a big craze – both for their style and their utility. Apart from being super cool in their visual appeal, these lenses are highly advanced in their function. Also referred to as photochromic lenses, they have an amazing ability to adjust lens colour with the change in the intensity of light falling on their surface. As you move outdoors from an indoor setup in the presence of UV rays, the clear transition lenses darken to take on the look of sunglasses and their UV protection function also gets activated.

When the talk is about scientific developments in the eyewear industry, we cannot miss out on varifocals. Varifocal glasses are advanced as they provide eyesight correction for both nearsightedness and farsightedness by utilising multiple focal points. The three visibility zones that they come with ensure that there is seamless transition of vision when shifting the focus of eyes between objects placed at different distances. Unlike bifocal lenses that come with two visibility zones, the boundaries separating different visibility zones are not visible to the naked eye in the case of varifocals, imparting varifocals a better visual appeal.

Designer Glasses

Designer glasses have been there for a long time, but in recent times, they have gained immense popularity. The best part is that they are easily available and also much more affordable than before.

Recently, I bought a pair of designer glasses over the internet, which was a vintage classic tortoiseshell style. While scrolling through the designer glasses collection online, I was amazed by the collection. For all the styles and types, you could find a huge variety. This was certainly not the case a few years back as designer glasses had a limited collection back then.

A common perception that still persists among a broad section of the public is that designer glasses are relatively higher priced and it is difficult to afford them. I was also from the same school of thought unless my online experience changed it completely. Once you head online to shop for designer glasses, you will be left fascinated by their pocket-friendly prices, apart from their premium design and superior quality.

Contact Lenses

Today, contact lenses are not only being used for sight correction but also as a fashion accessory. However, when it comes to fashion, it needs to be noted that they are not an alternative to glasses as both have their own unique style elements. Contact lenses are a preferable option for those who wear glasses all day long and are looking for something that is lightweight. Also, if your daily work involves lots of dynamic movements, contact lenses are something that you can opt for.

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