Relief Factor
Relief Factor

Relief Factor is easily one of the most popular joint supplements on the market today. Because the people behind Relief Factor, father and son duo Pete and Seth Talbott, advertise the joint supplement heavily, there is no shortage of interest from people desperate to find a natural cure for their joint pain. As a result, thousands of people every single month search for honest Relief Factor reviews to try and figure out whether or not it really works.

What is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is a leading joint supplement made by Promedev LLC, which is based in Kirkland, WA and originally founded by father and son duo Pete and Seth Talbott. Part of the reason Relief Factor is so widely used is that it is heavily pushed on the radio shows of Michael Medved. He is featured prominently on the Relief Factor website, where it is said that he has found Relief Factor to be effective for joint pain. Whether or not Mr Medved has any interest in Promedev LLC is not known.

So what does Relief Factor do?

According to the website, the benefits of Relief Factor include: 

  1. Reduces joint pain
  2. Helps eliminate joint pain and stiffness for good
  3. Lowers muscle pain

The main selling point of Relief Factor is that it is a 100% natural, drug-free solution for joint pain. 

However, there are a lot of supplements out there right now that claim to naturally reduce joint pain. Some go further and promise to strengthen joints and promote flexibility into old age – something Relief Factor never even claims to do. 

The question we need to answer is, does Relief Factor really work? Can it really do all of these things? Is Relief Factor a scam? Is this just another snake oil supplement? Or is it the best supplement for joint pain around today? To answer these questions properly, we need to do a proper review of the ingredients. 

Relief Factor Ingredients

What is in Relief Factor?

Any Relief Factor review needs to take a close look at the ingredients to see if it has any chance of actually reducing joint pain. 

Here is the Relief Factor ingredients list along with dosages and a brief explanation of what the ingredients do (or don’t do) for joint pain:

  • Omega 3 900mg: Omega 3 is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. The Relief Factor supplement contains docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids (DHA), which are both omega 3 fatty acid. These powerful acids have been shown to reduce inflammation genes in the body, according to studies.
  • Turmeric 667mg: This herbal medicine is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. A study has shown that curcuminoids (a component of turmeric) are more effective than medications in relieving arthritis pain.
  • Epimedium 200mg: Epimedium, a Chinese herb, has been used for centuries in order to relieve inflammation-related pain. Epimedium herb contains Icariin, an active compound that can be used to relieve pain from arthritis. One study found that it has been shown in one of its studies.
  • Japanese Fleeceflower 70mg: Resveratrol, a compound in Japanese Fleece Flower, promotes blood circulation and can reduce inflammation. This ingredient is believed to support and protect joints, and may have neuropathic pain relief effects.

As you can see, there is nothing revolutionary or particularly exciting about the Relief Factor ingredients list. This is probably why the Relief Factor website doesn’t give us much information on the ingredients; all we get is a short paragraph on the homepage. 

Overall, we are not impressed with Relief Factor’s ingredients. Epimedium has never been shown to effectively reduce joint pain in human clinical trials. Resveratrol might be a powerful antioxidant, and it may help protect joints over the long-term. But again, it has never been shown to be effective for joint pain in independent clinical trials.

So as a natural pain relief supplement, Relief Factor is far from impressive. There are much better joint supplements out there for soothing joint aches and pains. The best joint supplements can promote cartilage repair and joint flexibility too, helping keep you mobile and pain-free over the long-term. 

Possible side effects of Relief Factor

Side effects that could occur when you take Relief Factor include nausea, dizziness, loose stool and nosebleeds. 

Supplements containing high amounts of fish oil could cause stomach irritation in people who have sensitive stomachs. While Relief Factor doesn’t contain a very large dose of fish oil, it does contain enough to potentially cause side effects. Japanese Fleeceflower and Epimedium could potentially cause digestive issues as well. 

If you do experience any Relief Factor side effects, stop using the joint supplement immediately and seek medical attention. Relief Factor side effects are rare but they can happen. It is a 100% natural pain relief supplement, but that doesn’t mean it is 100% safe!

When to Use Relief Factor

To determine the right dosage, the Quick Start trial requires that consumers take three packets per day (each containing two capsules and two softgels). 

The website suggests that you reduce the dosage to two packets per person after a trial. However, it isn’t clear whether users should expect joint pain relief after that time, or whether they need to keep using the supplement for many weeks more (at $80 a month). 

 Where to Buy Relief Factor

Relief Factor can be purchased directly from their website. We don’t like the complicated pricing structure that is used to lure customers and keep them spending.

Relief Factor may also be available on major retail websites. However, as with our top-rated joint supplements we recommend that you purchase direct. Most supplement companies won’t try to get you into monthly subscriptions.

If you’re interested in seeing a joint supplement that doesn’t lock you into monthly subscriptions, check out Physio Flex Pro.

Relief Factor Prices and Coupons

Relief Factor is quite expensive. A Quick Start order will cost you $19.95. However, that is just for the 3 week ‘Quick Start’ Trial. You can continue to use the supplement if you choose after the trial but at a lower cost of $79.95 per monthly.

A monthly batch of Relief Factor will run you $93.95, even if you don’t subscribe. These prices do not include shipping or handling costs. We don’t need to tell you that this is extraordinarily expensive for a supplement like Relief Factor.

Cheaper Alternatives to Relief Factor

Needless to say, there are cheaper alternatives to the Relief Factor.

There are a few other options that offer better joint products than Relief Factor, which can reduce pain and provide better mobility.

Its limited formula and high price tag for the ingredients mean that you don’t get much value for your money.

Relief Factor actually offers two ingredients that are cheaper than $5 elsewhere! Omega 3 supplements are very common and inexpensive, while the turmeric is a basic cooking spice. This makes Relief Factor not only expensive but also not effective in providing the help you require.

The best alternative to Relief Factor, both in terms of value for money and results, is Physio Flex Pro. 

While Relief Factor is recommended by radio DJs, Physio Flex Pro is currently recommended and used by physiotherapists and joint specialists. It combines 8 ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce joint pain, speed up connective tissue repair, and promote joint strength. 

If you’re interested in seeing a better alternative for a better price, check out Physio Flex Pro.

Review Conclusion: Is Relief Factor Snake Oil?

Relief Factor isn’t exactly snake oil. We’re sure it does have some benefits for people struggling with joint pain. However, we certainly don’t think it is the best joint supplement on sale right now. 

Considering some of the ingredients have never actually been shown to reduce joint pain in human studies, the $80 price tag for 3 weeks of Relief Factor seems very unreasonable. You could easily buy some omega 3 oil, turmeric pills and some resveratrol for a fraction of the cost of Relief Factor.

Other joint supplements, such as Physio Flex Pro, provide a range of scientifically proven ingredients for roughly half the price of Relief Factor. As many Relief Factor reviews online (check out Walmart, WebMD and Costco) will tell you, this isn’t the magic bullet for joint pain the manufacturer says it is!


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