[Review] Neoteric Cosmetics
[Review] Neoteric Cosmetics

Neoteric Cosmetics, Inc, a subsidiary of Scott’s Liquid Gold, Inc., is a 60 year old American manufacturing and distributing company whose clear and focused intent is to offer the best, most innovative & effective, high quality products at the most reasonable prices possible. At a time when so many companies are succumbing to the “get it done cheaper” pressures, Scott’s Liquid Gold stands firm in its belief that American manufacturing can be “a force to be reckoned with.” Only extreme dedication to quality, consumer demand, uniqueness, innovation and customer service keeps a company on course for sixty years. These were the touchstone ideas behind Alpha Hydrox anti-wrinkle skin care and Neoteric Diabetic skin care – both highly respected product lines embraced by both medical professionals and consumers alike. Neoteric Cosmetics, Inc. is the wholly owned subsidiary of Scott’s Liquid Gold, Inc., manufacturers of high quality wood care products as well as Touch of Scent air freshener and Mold Control 500. . 

Neoteric Cosmetics

ALPHA HYDROX: Kit for Treatment of Acne & Problem-Prone Skin that is Oily or Combination – 1-Foaming Face Wash, 1-Toner-Astringent, 1-10% AHA Oil-Free Formula, 1-Acne Spot Serum. All products are full size. The necessary basics for the best solution to blemishes & problem prone skin. DAVINCI Clogged Pore Strips: Removes oil, dirt and debris from pores. Helps control blackheads by cleaning blocked pores.
Removes oil, dirt and debris clogging the skin?s pores. Designed to remove and control blackheads by cleaning blocked pores. DAVINCI Peel Off Mask: 10 minute treatment peels away dirt, grime & impurities. For all skin types. Peels away dirt, grime and impurities from your skin. Apply a layer evenly over freshly cleaned and shaven face. Avoid lips and eyes. Leave on for 10 minutes or until the mask is dry to the touch. To remove, start by rubbing in one spot until the mask forms a ball, then gently peel it off. Wash off any excess with warm water, and then apply a moisturizer. Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Purifying Peel-Off Masque: For problem skin, especially the T-Zone. Eases away dry cells, unblocks blackheads & removes impurities. So easy to use and it actually feels as though you are peeling away dead and dry skin. You’ll love the opaque green texture-it’s really fresh. After a few minutes the masque will start to dry and your face will feel tight-it’s quite amusing. When completely dry you should be able to pull off in one piece-this is all part of the fun! Your skin will feel instantly smoother, clearer and refreshed, it’s fabulous. This masque is great for use once a week as a skin detox. Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off Masque: Detox & Pore Cleansing Masque. Re-energize your skin with natural minerals, uplifting green tea, healing ginger & the reviving properties of squeezed lemon to reveal a deep-cleansed, toned & radiant complexion. MASSAGE OIL Tired Muscles: Peppermint, Wintergreen, Juniper, Sage & Rosemary lift the spirit & provide gentle relief. Use for massage or as a bath or shower oil. Tired Muscles Massage, Bath and Body Oil is a special blend of essential oils that gently relieves aches and pains associated with overworked muscles. Peppermint, Wintergreen, Juniper, Sage and Rosemary lift the spirit and provide gentle relief. Jojoba and Sesame Oils soothe, soften and moisturize the skin.

This huge kits is so awesome. The message oil so far is the only thing we haven’t tried. Been so busy lately. The acne kit works so good. I love how its soft and gentle and no so over baring in pain or smells. Works really good. The spot acne thing is perfect too. I love how you can take it anywhere, and you can put it directly on the face. The blue one is nice too. The whole kit is really nice and works really good and you wont be disappointed at all.  The men face peel was really nice, I got almost 3 uses out of it! Peeled of great and ripped those pours right out of your face, like its suppose to! The men strip ones, didn’t really work for me, I had a feeling too. Its just me not the product, I always mess them up. The 2 in the middle are so refreshing! Its really nice to just plaster on the face and relax for like 15 mins tell it dries and ready to peel off. When I first started before this package my fast was horrible. Now my face is smooth and break out free, dont get me wrong though, I dont have pimples, just alot of tiny black heads like everyone does. Those masks will be nice while you PMS, cause you tend to break out before so. So stop by grab a face peel and relax and have fun peeling it off, I know I do!


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