Robert Pattinson in the full The Batman costume looks glorious in this fan art design

Robert Pattinson in the full The Batman costume
Robert Pattinson in the full The Batman costume

There’s a new Batman movie out next year, which means two things. One: People are going to complain about Robert Pattinson being cast as the dark knight until the first trailer is released and then he’s going to be the best Batman ever just like you always said he’d be and two: I’m not going to shut up about this film long after it leaves the cinema circuit.

So far we’ve seen a mere glimpse of Robert Pattinson’s costume: A bit of chin and some of the Patsuit chest piece which may have the gun used to kill his parents as part of his iconic emblem. It’ll probably be a few weeks before we get a proper look at the costume that’ll be sweating buckets inside of as he punches the crime out of scum, and that wait is going to be torturous.

On the plus side, we live in an age where fans can take the bare minimum, whip out a tablet and get to work as their imaginations fired on all cylinders to create something that just looks downright awesome. Here’s a perfect example for you, as concept art and designer extraordinaire Jarold Sng put his own artistic stamp on Patman:

I like it! It has shades of the Batman costume worn in the first Injustice game, which also made heavy use of armour plates to create a realistic take on the caped crusader that didn’t sacrifice mobility. Whatever the end result, I have a feeling that Pattinson’s Batman is going to look impressive and as cinematic as can be when the full batsuit is eventually unveiled and seen in action next year.


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