Rumored Girlfriend of Jake Paul ‘Sky Bri’ Appears In Adin Ross’ E-Dating Stream


Jake Paul is undoubtedly one of the most popular and followed influencers on planet earth. Everything that Jake Paul does creates international headlines. Off late, the YouTuber was in the news after he was spotted kissing Instagram model and OF content creator Sky Bri on a beach.

After less than a month of Jake Paul’s breakup with Julia Rose, he was pictured with Sky Bri and the netizens went crazy. The rumors of Jake Paul’s breakup with Julia Rose went wild when the YouTuber took to his Twitter and wrote: “Alexa, play ‘I’m Single’ by Jake Paul.”

However, it seems like there is a new twist in the story now!

While rumors went rampant that Jake Paul and Sky Bri are dating, the Instagram model has subtly denied these claims by collaborating with Adin Ross for an e-dating stream on Twitch.

During the e-dating stream with Adin, Sky Bri was introduced to a bunch of friends of Adin Ross and she had to interact with them on the stream. At the end of it all, Sky Bri got to choose which guy made her the most excited and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10.

Comments under Adin Ross’ video seemed to have enjoyed the e-dating stream. One user wrote “Nah this E-date was hilarious”, while another said “Bro I mean this when I say this, this was the funniest edate of all time. There were way too many moments that had me laughing and crying myself. Adin Ross saw faze rug and said “aw hell nah.”

While there is no confirmation from Jake Paul and Sky Bri so far, the fans are hooked on the gossip about the potential relationship between the two.

Meanwhile, Julia Rose, ex-girlfriend of Jake Paul reacted to Sky Bri and Jake Paul’s closeness just a few weeks after she split with Jake. She had some harsh words for Sky Bri and said that her decision to leave Jake Paul was the right one.


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