Florida sports betting
Florida sports betting

In this article, we are going to go through recent rumours regarding legalising sports betting that have been buzzing around the state of Florida. Is there any truth to these rumours? How are bettors currently betting from the Sunshine State and how can locals do so.

What is Sports Betting?

So what exactly is sports betting you may ask. Sports betting in essence is the wagering of something of value (usually money) against the outcome of a future sporting bout. This being said sports betting goes deeper, with different sports having different wager types and different bouts/matches paying higher odds, etc… the list goes on.

So why is sports betting illegal? That unfortunately is rather complicated, and kind of a weird situation. Especially weird when you consider Florida does legally allow anyone of legal age to wager on horse racing. This brings us to yet another series of questions. It’s not like Florida isn’t a major player in Sporting events, after all, they are home to the Miami Dolphins.

Betting From the State of Florida

Didn’t we just say sports betting is illegal? Well yes and no. Hear this out, betting in Florida is illegal, but betting using offshore bookies isn’t regulated under any US jurisdiction. This means there are no repercussions for wagering on any bookies as long as they are not based in Florida. So how does one find the best bookie?

Well, luckily The Sports Daily provides detailed reviews for the best sportsbooks ranked, to Florida residents who have reached the age of majority for gambling in their jurisdiction. Many offshore gambling sites in Florida allow you to gamble on your favourite teams and sports without fear of prosecution.

Are the Rumours True?

Well looking at the current state of affairs… highly unlikely. That being said, that didn’t stop the CEO of DraftKings, Jason Robins’ hope, and is certain that a ballot measure will be on the ballot in 2024.

Chances are slim There has been no action on the case since the appeals were filed, which indicates that online sports betting in Florida is unlikely to return in 2022. Rumours are always quick to arise but unfortunately, as with many rumours fall short of the truth. On the bright side, recent legislation from neighbouring states has boiled up the pressure. Just think about all the revenue Florida is going to miss out on the states that allow Florida locals to gamble online in their state.

Surely it’s going to make a dent in the annual revenue. In other words, poke a beehive with a stick and the situation can turn sticky. Will it be enough to push the state’s governing bodies to Fast Track legislation?

How Did it Get to This?

If you look at how the legalisation movement was proceeding it was clear as daylight that the citation wasn’t going to end in pleasantries. Instead, the negotiations were held behind the scenes and kept in the dark. This led to short-lived celebrations after statewide mobile betting became possible in Florida thanks to the signing of a new agreement between Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Seminole.

The move raised eyebrows and local groups were quick to point out the violation of the constitutional amendment requiring voter approval or that it violated the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

So What’s the Status of Legalising Sports Betting in Florida?

In November 2021, the Hard Rock Sportsbook app became the official start of sports betting in Florida later to be terminated in December 2021. An agreement between the Florida state government and the tribe that operates Hard Rock Casino Hollywood was recently authorised by state lawmakers. Which again ultimately failed. After the failure to negotiate an agreement this year.

The Seminoles have stated that they will not pay their yearly $330 million gambling payment to the state in 2020. In 2021, the state and the tribe negotiated a new agreement to recommence the payment, which includes a full list of gaming goals for both parties. Lawsuits have stalled the introduction of sports betting in Florida for the time being, preventing it from becoming a reality.


Rumours will remain rumours for now, but keep your fingers crossed. Neighbouring states have caused unwanted pressure on the governing bodies in Florida. For now, the whole situation is stuck deep in mud and I doubt even the new Ford Bronco will struggle to pull this situation out! For now, bettors will have to stick to trusted offshore sites for their sports wagering fun.

The Florida sports betting citation is quite mundane, with nothing exciting set to happen anytime soon. Even though Jason Robbins hasn’t given up he’s the closest aim for legalisation is for 2024 leaving Florida dead in the water for another 2 years.


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