Redstone Arsenal area in Alabama is offering a parking place for RV owners. Basically Redstone Arsenal is the US army post which is offering parking slots for recreational vehicles. The parking space has two bathhouses, a dog park, a laundry facility, and a large pavilion.

Redstone Arsenal’s RV parking space also has a WiFi facility for wifi-enabled RVs. The RV owners can park their accommodation vehicles at Vincent Drive. This is the place that is open to military persons, DOD civilians, contractors and the department of defense civilians.

The RV owners can contact Outdoor Recreation to book a parking slot in Redstone Arsenal. Outdoor Recreation offers campers, boats as well as utility trailers. The company has taken responsibility to manage the Redstone Arsenal RV parking space.

The place is offering beautiful 70 full-service slots. The RV owners can book these slots for eight weeks and reservations can be made in a three-month advance. RV sales are increasing in every country, and they are offering a great way of accommodation. The owners can set up camp at Redstone Arsenal because it is providing parking space specifically for RVs.

Outdoor Recreation has started this service in December and now the company is managing a large number of RVs in Redstone Arsenal. RV is a motor vehicle that contains living quarters designed for accommodation. There are many types of RVs available for buyers here. They vary in sizes and facilities.


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