Pennywise the Clown | Stephen King’s IT! (1990)

To really get a sense of how terrifying Pennywise is, you should read Stephen King’s novel, It. Well, that’s a guess since we never read it. But Tim Curry’s portrayal of the murderous clown/giant spider (yeah that one took us by surprise, too) gave us the chills despite the movie being five stars on the Shit Meter.

Crazy Joe Divola | Seinfeld (1992)

Kramer (Michael Richards) is terrified of clowns. In fact, fear of clowns is a common phobia referred to as coulrophobia by eggheads. But when that clown is a roundhouse-kicking, badass with a handful of screws loose, it gives Kramer a valid reason to just about piss himself when he comes nose to (red) nose with Crazy Joe. As would we.

Clown Doll | Poltergeist (1982)

We know it’s the 1980s, but c’mon kid, get rid of that damn clown for a G.I. Joe.

Michael Myers | Halloween (1978)

Before he became a mask-wearing demon that could withstand bullets, stabbings, and being burned to a pile of ashes, Michael Myers was just a kid in a clown costume who butchered his sister on Halloween night in the 1960s. Who said the ’60s was all peace and love, anyway?

Eric the Clown | Seinfeld (1994)

A short-tempered part-timer with no respect for those who donned the makeup and rainbow afro before him, Eric the Clown (Jon Favreau) seemed like such a lazy and curt dickhead that we would have never guessed he’d later direct Iron Man. On a side note, look at Costanza’s bald spot.

Red Triangle Gang | Batman Returns (1992)

Member of the Red Triangle Gang took orders from Penguin (Danny Devito) in a devilish plot to rule Gotham City. Did it work? Of course not. Why? Because instead of ganging up on Batman — which would have totally worked — they posed for the camera and brandished their weapons. Classic error.

Grimm | Quick Change (1990)

Robbing a bank in a clown costume? Genius idea … unless it’s a zany early-1990s comedy. Then hilarity ensues as the culprits try to get away.

Joker | Batman (1989)

Why didn’t we go with Heath Ledger’s Joker? Because we’re Team Nicholson … if there is such a thing! Besides, for getting a piece of the movie’s profits — and future sequels. In total, he pocketed more than $100 mil.

Pooter-the-Clown | Uncle Buck (1989)

Uncle Buck (John Candy) isn’t a fan of clowns who show up to kid’s birthday parties hammered. Actually, no uncle, father, or human being would be okay with that. In our opinion, Buck had the right idea for handling the situation …

Homey D. Clown | In Living Color (1990)
Homey (Damon Wayans) doesn’t look so mean and nasty, right? Well, he is one surly dude who hates The Man with a passion. Worst of all, Homey won’t hesitate to use his baton to go all Mark McGwire on your skull. Don’t believe us? Check out the home run he belts on the annoying chick with pigtails.

Killer Clowns From Outer Space | Killer Clowns From Outer Space (1988)

These rude and unwanted planet crashers came to Earth and began devouring humans. Seems like just about every other alien-invasion plot, right? The difference? These grotesque killers are dressed as … you guessed it … clowns.

John Wayne Gacy | Gacy (2003)

Francis from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure plays the psycho John Wayne Gacy in this awful film. How do we know it’s awful? Yep, we watched it. If you’re considering it, here’s a clip that’ll change your mind …


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