Serena Williams revealed a new face
Serena Williams revealed a new face

Serena Williams is trending on social media today, after she revealed her new face, looking pretty CRAZY.

In a new video released by Serena’s PR team, MTO News confirms, the tennis superstar explains why she feels it’s important to have “lines” with fans.

But her face looks so different, fans can barely hear what Serena is saying.

First, Serena’s skin looks a few shades lighter than natural. Therefore, many people on social networks speculate that the tennis giant is “whitening” her skin.

Clock:Serena Williams revealed a new face. . . Fans call it the REMOVED & BOTTLE face!!! (; 0:15) 

Skin bleaching can be done using skin bleaching creams or through intravenous medications. This procedure is becoming more and more common among Black women.

But Serena’s face looks different too – as if she’d injected some kind of filler into her cheeks and chin.

Take a look at an old photo of the Serenas:


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