Shane McMahon Teams Up With Vince Rivals To Relaunch WCW
Shane McMahon Teams Up With Vince Rivals To Relaunch WCW

Shane McMahon is said to have bought World Championship Wrestling (WCW) from his father, sports-entertainment billionaire Vince McMahon, two decades ago, and the business has just taken off!
Now that Vince and Shane have split professionally, it looks like something is cooking.

Shane McMahon is relaunching WCW

According to multiple behind-the-scenes sources known as Fightful and Meltzer, Shane McMahon had ‘quietly abandoned’ the organization, and Vince used the term ‘letting go’ specifically. According to a senior member of the WWE creative team, the writers were told “half-silently” that there would be no intellectual chatter regarding Shane McMahonand now they have moved on to other creative issues.
McMahon went from appearing in the Elimination Chamber and a championship game at WrestleMania to being ‘quietly’ fired from the company for a few days, allegedly for mishandling the Men’s Royal Rumble event.

According to the report of ‘News about Kayfabe‘, Shane appears to have abruptly left her family business following Royal Rumble’s controversial recent pay-per-view Premier Event. Shane’s sources – who are believed to be known only as Kyle, Joey and Rodney for reasons of secrecy – have reported that the McMahon family’s exiled heir has been planning to replace his father. himself by resurrecting Vince’s arch-nemesis, WCW.

Shane secretly bought WCW in 2001, to the displeasure of his father (who did not read the fine print on the papers identifying which company McMahon had purchased), and he never gave up primary ownership. legal.

Shane O Mac has teamed up with Vince’s competitors

Shane is clearly teaming up with some of his father’s fiercest enemies, Ted Turner, Superstar Billy Graham, Nailz, HH Helmsley and God, to add salt to the wound.
Shane McMahon’s YouTube channel will premiere the new WCW Monday Nitro Monday at 8 p.m. ET, direct from the former Raw Underground set in the basement of his one-room cabin deep in the Connecticut woods.

However, with that said, this is Kayfabe news and too good to be true. But the WWE Universe is going to be tough if this really happens, and we can see that somewhere in the cards. What is your opinion?


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