Sibcy Cline launches new iBuyer and modern Bridge programs by zavvie


In a hot seller’s market, with homes selling faster and above asking price, local homeowners are considering ways to maximize their profit when they decide to sell. But what’s different now than past seller markets? According to Sibcy Cline Realtors, sellers have more choices than ever, but they may not be aware of all the possible ways to sell their home — and which option is best for them.

To help, Sibcy Cline, the largest independent real estate broker in Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana, is launching its new Sibcy Solutionspowered by zavvieSellers can compare and choose from between an instant cash offer from an iBuyer, a modern Bridge option or list their home on the open market to maximize their sales price and net proceeds.

Sibcy Solutions provides “the most ways to sell a home” throughout Sibcy Cline’s markets, using new technology from zavvie that helps agents showcase all selling options for local homeowners.

“Homeowners have an unprecedented opportunity today to find the best way to sell their home,” said Robin S. Sheakley, President of Sibcy Cline Realtors. “They can see instant all-cash offers from iBuyers. Or they can decide with a modern Bridge option to buy their next home before they sell their current one. It all begins online and includes working closely with a Sibcy Cline real estate agent, who can answer all their questions and provide expert local advice.

Sheakley notes that many homes in the local market still see multiple offers, and that homes are typically selling for more than their list price. 

Sheakley said. “While we are well-known for using the latest technology to help our clients, the most important ingredient for a successful sale remains the help of a trusted real estate agent — and we have 1,000 local experts ready to help.”  

With Sibcy Solutionshomeowners working with a Sibcy Cline agent can determine which sales path makes the most sense for them. An all-cash instant offer from an iBuyer requires properties in good condition and within a targeted price range. With a modern Bridge path, a homeowner can buy their next home before selling their current one, giving them more control over their moving timeline. Sibcy Cline agents also can help homeowners sell on the open market — which is the most popular choice, as it typically results in the highest sales price and net proceeds.

“For over 50 years, Sibcy Cline Realtors always been in the forefront of the industry,” said Lane Hornung, zavvie co-founder and CEO. “By bringing Sibcy Solutions to their local markets, they are once again delivering to their clients new and exciting ways to sell a home.”

“Sibcy Cline agents take exceptional care of their clients so their clients can choose the path to sell that works best for them,” Hornung added.

Access to Sibcy Solutions is available by asking any Sibcy Cline agent about the program.

About Sibcy Cline Realtors

Sibcy Cline Realtors is the largest independent real estate broker in Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana. Since the 1930s Sibcy Cline has been part of the local landscape as one of the most respected real estate companies, ranking among the nation’s top 50 independent real estate firms. A family company locally owned and operated, Sibcy Cline is a full-service real estate firm offering mortgage, relocation, insurance, title, and home services division, with 1,000 real estate agents in 20 branch office locations.

About zavvie

zavvie brings together leading brokerages and innovative Verified Buyers in a marketplace that offers a modern, one-button digital experience for home sellers. Over 60,000 real estate agents in 47 states leverage zavvie’s platform to serve their clients better. As the first end-to-end real estate brokerage platform offering a full spectrum of selling solutions, zavvie gives modern brokerages and agents all they need to thrive in today’s evolving real estate landscape: easy-to-use tools, technology, training, marketing, and strategy.


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