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When you make your first resume, it is important to include the right skills, especially if you’re applying for an office-related position. These skills are the qualities that hiring managers will be looking for in potential candidates, and incorporating them into your resume can make a good first impression.

Before we look at the most sought-after skills and practical methods for incorporating them in your resume, let’s take an in-depth look into what office skills are.

What are office skills on a resume?

Office skills involve administrative abilities and knowledge applied to roles in an office setting and contribute to a productive work environment. You should include these traits in the skills section of your CV.

Types of office skills to add to your resume

Most employers expect those that will be working in an office environment to have experience or knowledge of basic office skills before they hire them. Some of these include:

Technology skills

For any office job, computer literacy is an absolute must-have skill. You need to manage data, process programs, spreadsheets, and databases, and curate presentations for meetings.

Microsoft Office Suite

In most administrative or organisational positions, you will need to know how to use some types of computer software. Microsoft Office Suite is one of the most common software used in businesses, with over a million companies worldwide using it. It includes a range of programs, such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, that assist users to accomplish general productivity tasks. This can include creating spreadsheets and tables, preparing documents, creating slideshows, and validating data.

Microsoft Office proficiency is sometimes defined in terms of levels of mastery on resumes: beginner, intermediate and advanced. By listing Microsoft Office Suite as a skill on your resume, you demonstrate your proficiency in the operation of this suite of programs.


For many office-related positions, bookkeeping is an essential skill to have. This is because office-based staff often have to maintain a detailed record of financial accounts. You should include any bookkeeping-related experience as a skill in your resume.

Data entry

Data entry is a significant skill to have for any office-related position. It can include typing up Excel spreadsheets, entering data into a calendar, or listing information into a company database.

Taking and directing calls

Part of most office jobs is to take calls or to redirect them to the relevant people or departments. For this, you need good verbal communication skills and proper call etiquette.

Written communication skills

Any position in an office environment usually requires employees to write a lot. From writing memos and filling out forms to drafting letters and emails, it is important to have good written communication skills.

Filing and paper management

Businesses deal with a lot of files and documents for effective operation. Office staff needs to show an ability to manage business correspondence correctly. Therefore, filing and general organisation skills are essential.


Depending on the position, fast typing may be a requirement. If this is the case, you may list efficient typing as a skill.

Organisational skills

Because office staff often take on multiple tasks at once, you must be able to organise your assignments productively. You may also have the responsibility of supporting your manager. This demands a high level of organisational abilities.

Time-management skills

Office jobs typically involve several tasks throughout the working day. Some of these tasks are planned but sometimes, they are unexpected. There may also be instances where employees must complete tasks under strict deadlines. This is why time management is so important.

Other basic administrative skills

Some of these skills may include customer service, handling email correspondence, and assisting clients. It can also be useful to know how to do research using the internet.

Now that you know which skills to include, you may be wondering how to put a resume together with all the right information included. So, if this is the case, your next step should be making use of a resume builder and getting all the right tips for writing a resume.

The advantages of using Resume Builder to create your first resume

If you’re just starting job hunting, you may be wondering: What is needed for making my first resume stand out? At first, creating a new and effective job resume can feel like an overwhelming task. So, if you need help with resume formulation, Resume Builder is your answer. Resume builder is a simple but powerful online tool for creating expert resumes fast and efficiently. Some of the benefits of using Smart Resume Builder include:

Saving time and effort

Creating the best resume can be a lengthy task. With Resume Builder, however, you can make a job-winning resume in just minutes. The time and effort you save can be directed towards finding the perfect jobs and also applying for them.

Looking and sounding professional

Resume Builder has a great collection of expert templates for you to use. These templates are designed to give your resume a professional look and feel. They are free to use when creating a resume for the first time.

Resume Builder can also present you with the best texts for your resume based on your field of specialisation. All you have to do is enter the name of your profession into the tool’s questionnaire.

Fast and efficient customisation

Simply sending out the same CV to several job openings will not cut it. You can increase your chances to get a job by creating customised resumes for each position. With Resume Builder’s smart functions, you also can save several copies of your resume and customise them as needed, saving you valuable time.

Why should you use an online resume builder tool?

Considering that around 40% of recruiters spend less than 60 seconds reviewing a resume, your document must stand out immediately. But when you’re сreating first resume documents, you may feel unsure about where to start and how to adequately format your resume.

Online resume builders exist to help guide you in effective resume writing that stands out among the rest by making use of resume best practices.

Some resume builders also help with CV writing rules for spelling and grammar. This ensures you follow the right spell resume guidelines and sound absolutely professional. These builders are also easy to use and give you immediate access to your document, allowing you to start applying instantly.

The Final Word

Positions in an office environment can be found in all industries. In the United States alone, 6,382,000 employees work in office and administrative positions. Office skills are required for most of these positions because they increase efficiency and productivity. Therefore, it is important to list these clearly on your resume. When doing a resume for the first time, it is also important to know exactly where and how to list your skills.

If you have no idea where to start or want to save time and effort in putting together a resume, using a basic resume-building tool such as Resume Builder is advised. An online tool follows the right rules and offers guidelines that can also help you learn how to put a resume together effectively.


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