Online poker is on a steady rise in popularity as more and more people are becoming aware of the game and how exciting yet convenient online poker can be. Poker pros today aren’t just on the felt anymore, but also in online poker tables across various online poker sites. 

Nowadays, online poker has been a great way not just to pass the time or to scratch our gambling itch. It’s also become a viable source of some extra money for those who are good enough to win consistently. Some people even opt for the grinder’s lifestyle and spend hours on end in front of the screen playing online poker while making an actual living out of the game. 

Whether you’re a casual poker hobbyist who wants to play just for fun or you’re looking to make online poker your main source of income, Sky Poker is a poker room that you should consider playing in. Sky Poker offers a variety of games for all types of players and all budgets as well as offers convenience with their payment options, plus an assortment of benefits.

Sky Poker Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Sky Poker offers a selection of deposit and withdrawal options for players around the world. Players can deposit and withdraw their money through Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and PayPal. Plus, Sky Poker users can add up to three cards to their accounts to reduce the hassle of having to transfer money from one account to the account they use to deposit.

For those who opt to deposit and withdraw via card, withdrawals may take anywhere from two to five working days. On the other hand, withdrawals through PayPal will reflect within 24 hours from withdrawal.

Another great thing with Sky Poker is that they do not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals, so all your deposited money will go to your bankroll and you get to enjoy the entirety of your winnings from their site. 

Sky Poker Loyalty Programs

Players who spend a major chunk of their times on the tables in Sky Poker are entitled to exclusive benefits once they’re eligible to join the Priority Club. With every hand played, users can accumulate Poker Points to enjoy a host of benefits that come along with them. 

Priority Club members who are able to earn a minimum of 10,000 Poker Points by the end of the month are awarded 10% rakeback, while reaching 50,000 Poker Points rewards a player with 20% rakeback. The more you play or the higher your stakes, the quicker your points are accumulated and the more rakeback you can earn at the end of each month.  

Tournaments at Sky Poker

Sky Poker offers various tournaments for all stakes and for different game types. They currently host tournaments for Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo games. Buy-ins range from a meager £0.55 to a relatively considerable £55. Each tournament has a guaranteed prize with guarantees reaching up to £6000.

The tournaments in Sky Poker are live 24/7 and there’s always a tournament to join at any given hour. There are also varieties such as turbo tournaments for those who are looking to play in a fast-paced environment, as well as Bounty Hunters for those who want to add some spice to their tournament experience. 

Furthermore, Sky Poker also offers satellites for their bigger tournaments to allow players from the lower stakes to take their shot at the higher stakes. The site also features freerolls for players who are simply trying to test out their luck without having to commit money.

Sky Poker Rewards and Bonuses

Even for those who aren’t part of the Priority Club, Sky Poker still offers rewards for players who manage to collect Poker Points by playing in real money cash games and tournaments. For every £1 of rake in cash games, players earn 6 Poker Points while for every £1 in tournament registration fees, players earn 10 Poker Points. The rewards awarded to players are dependent on how many poker points they accumulate per week. Rewards may come in the form of tournament tokens, access to freerolls, and cash bonuses.

Sky Poker also offers a welcome bonus for new players. Newly signed up players who deposit at least £10 in their first deposit are entitled to £40 worth of tournament tokens. Moreover, Sky Poker also offers a £10 bonus in tournament tokens for new customers regardless of whether they’ve deposited yet or not.   

Sky Poker Cash Games 

Sky Poker players can enjoy a wide selection of cash games for Limit and No Limit Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi Lo Poker. Cash game tables are open every minute of every day and cater to all bankrolls. Stakes range from £0.02/£0.04 to £10/20. Apart from their 6-max cash games, Sky Poker also offers heads up cash games. 

Bottom Line

For players around the world who are looking for a poker room, Sky Poker offers a host of benefits as well as a variety of games. Whatever type of poker player you are, Sky Poker has you covered.


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