Steph Curry Embroiled In Cheating Scandal; Instagram Cheating Post Goes Viral @stephencurry30 


Steph Curry is not having a very good week. A post went viral on Instagram earlier this week of Curry being caught in quite the cheating scandal. Thus far, the viral post has just under 100,000 views, but the video is also now being spread all over Twitter as well as YouTube.

The NBA is known for having a wide array of cheaters, especially with its star athletes. Curry, the unofficial leader of the Golden State Warriors, is definitely no different. In the viral Instagram post shown below, you can see whereby Curry is caught cheating not just once, but twice.

If you watched the video closely, you can see Curry travel not just one time, but two times in a matter of seconds. The first time he took three steps, and the second time he took four steps. the best part is, the referees did not call him for cheating. Be sure to check the video out below to see Curry’s blatant cheating.


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