Tatsumaki He is one of the most beloved characters One punch man, and it is not for less, since it has enormous power and a personality that imposes even the bravest superhero.

Although the anime has not given us new chapters for a while, in the manga the story continues to advance and it is not surprising that each appearance of the heroine causes a sensation among fans.

the cosplayer Shikarakumi has some admiration for Tatsumaki and the image she projects, so she decided to become her thanks to the magic of cosplay.

Shikarakumi managed to perfectly replicate the design of the dress of Tatsumaki, although she complemented with a green wig to which she added some small effects to give it the touch of a curly hairstyle.

The outfit looks wonderful, but what stands out in this cosplay is the attitude and gesture of its author, since it reflects the expressions of the character in a very precise way.

Shikarakumi’s gaze is practically identical, and not just because of his green eyes, but because of his shape itself.

Of course, the photo session could not miss a capture where we see her using her powers, reaffirming that the cosplay can be seen enhanced with a little editing.

A Tatsumaki cosplay that reminded us of One Punch Man

Fans of ONE and Yusuke Murata’s work are still waiting for a third season of the anime, and although there is enough material to bring it, it has not yet been confirmed when we will see it.

For her part, Tatsumaki still has a lot to show us in the next few episodes and we hope to see her back soon.

If you liked this Tatsumaki cosplay, you can follow Shikarakumi on your Instagram account, where she has several different outfits.


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