Tell me your secrets has been much in talks since its release. Many viewers gave it poor reviews and ratings while some loved it a lot. But either good way or bad way, it gets popular much and was definitely one of the most talks about shows ever on television.

Since its first season release, fans are deliberately waiting for fo the next season to surface soon, but many viewers were seen asking whether Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 will ever be made? Is there any chance that we can see it in the same year? Are makers even wondering about its second installment? If these questions also keep you bothered, then great news folks, We are here to give you all the necessary details that you want. Just keep scrolling and knowing everything about your one of the most favorite shows.

Tell Me Your Secrets

Tell me your secrets is one such attention seeker show that grabbed many eyeballs all across the globe.

Created by Harriet Warner, this dramatic-thriller series premiered on the platform back in February and captivated viewers across 10 episodes.

This show was created by Harriet warner and this show premiered in the month of February. These 10-episodes long web series amused many fans in many ways.

Inevitably, hopes have turned to more episodes. So, is the Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 release date confirmed?

2021 has been a great year since many series were waiting for its renewal in the year 2020, but got delayed due to lockdown amid pandemic were all expected to release in the year 2021.  Fans are desperately waiting for the next installments of many popular web series and tell me your secrets season 2 is also one of the most anticipated shows among it.

Many OTT platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime have encashed the popularity of the shows broadcasted by them. But out of all them, amazon Prime has come out as one of the most reliable sources to keep ourselves entertained. As it keeps showing new releases even when everything was shut.

About Tell Me Your Secrets season 1

Tell Me Your Secrets season 1 has garnered millions of fans worldwide. In this season, the story goes this way – Karen Miller started his new journey as Emma hall and entered Witness Protection Program. Previously, she has dated a serial killer whose name is kit Park and she forgot whether she also participated in committing crimes. But later on, Emma gets great support from Peter Guillory who actually was married but never had any bad intentions.

But soon, the show revealed that Peter was fired from his foster home known as Jerome house. Then Emma gets to know about the dark past of Louisiana town. At the same time, Mary Barlow also starts looking for her missing daughter whose name was Theresa. He also then hired a convicted rapist John Tyler to do this sinful act.  This season also featured Chiara Aurelia as Rose lord. This character revealed many important aspects of the storyline.

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 Release Date

Well, right now nothing can be said firmly about the release of “Tell Me Your Secrets” season 2. Since this popular series has not been refurbished yet by the makers. So when will its second season arrive or premiere, nothing can be said on this. If Amazon decides to renovate ‘Tell Me Your Secrets’ before the end of 2021, the new season could begin in 2023.

The making and production work of such an amazing web series will definitely take at least a year. Because it involves much work starting from the cast, write, record, and edit a new season for streaming. If this series release at the beginning of the year 2023, then this could be very beneficial for the show as its first season release date may coincide with its second season.

But if we go by the history of amazon Prime or its popular drama shows, Tell me your secrets season 2 may get renewed by the year 2022. As we have the same pattern of releases with the shows like The boys and Hanna, both shows are right now on a season-per-year schedule. But if we consider the other popular show Homecoming, then it was released 2 years later after its first and second season. Given that, it’s possible to Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 will release during the first half of 2022; however, don’t be surprised if new episodes debut later that year.

Tell me your Secrets Season 2 Cast

Well, one thing that can be said with uttermost certainty is that all the guidelines of season 1 will continue to embrace the show in its next season too.  As when season 1 of Tell Me your Secrets ends, all the major characters like Lily Rabe, Amy Brenneman, and Hamish Linklater were shown alive at the end of “Tell Me Your Secrets.” So it can be expected that the next season will continue to bring the charm brought by these characters in the show and will definitely focus more on the ongoing adventures of each main character.

Also, season 1 showcases the supporting character Emma Hall who is shown as a young lady who has been released from prison and was kept in Witness Protection and is looking for her place in the world.

  • Lily Rabe as Emma Hall
  • Amy Brenneman as Mary Barlow
  • Hamish Linklater as John Tyler
  • Enrique Murciano as Peter Guillory
  • Chiara Aurelia as Rose Lord
  • Ashley Madekwe as Lisa Guillory
  • Bryant Tardy as Jay Abellard
  • Elliot Fletcher as Jake Barlow
  • Xavier Samuel as Kit Parker
  • Stella Baker as Theresa Barlow
  • Marque Richardson as Tom Johnston
  • Katherine Willis as Diana Lord
  • Richard Thomas as Bodie Lord
  • Emyri Crutchfield as Jess Cairns
  • Charles Esten as Saul Barlow
  • Chase Stokes as Adam

What would be the “Tell me your secrets season 2” plot

The final stages of Tell me your secrets season 2 feature an exciting plot for season 2, so the hopes are high that Amazon will definitely bring its next season.

Now in the second season plot, what we all can expect to see is that- Emma will face many obstacles and hurdles in the form of enemies in the second season. The story takes an unusual turn when the show revealed that Emma remembers mary’s daughter somehow Theresa as a kit,. Also, she can recall Theresa’s jealousy attack as well.

Not only this, many other issues need to be resolved in the next season too. Initially, it can be expected that Emma will try her best to track Theresa so that she could get her daughter back. But this won’t be an easy task for her because, after Mary’s press conference, she has now become a most wanted criminal.

Since Mary’s press conference has changed many scenarios in the show. If later it is found that mary has committed Perjury by blaming Emma, then she could go to jail as she tried to interfere and hinder the investigation of the Police.

The show will feature Mary’s behavior in a vigilant way and will definitely have some repercussions for another character, too: John. Also, it was shown that he was tried to be killed and locked in the almirah but still he will take his revenge. His easy targets will definitely be Mary and Emma.

“Tell me your secrets season 2” Trailer 

Tell me your secrets season 2 trailer has been out since the beginning of 2021. Lets’ have a closer look at it.

The trailer definitely has raised the bar of curiosity left by season 1. It will definitely be interesting to see how the story unfolds in the second season of Tell me your secrets. So let’s wait for the amazing series to surface soon on digital screens.

Final Words

Hey folks, this is all about Tell me your secrets season 2. here we have discussed its release date, cast, plot, and trailer. If you found the post informative enough then share it with your family and friends.


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