For the last several years many news sources have reported that Texas is THE STATE with the most and best of everything, however Realty Times has come up with 10 great reasons people may want to reconsider moving to Texas.

1. There are no State income taxes. This means less government employees and retirement dollars for their pensions. If you are the civil service type, this state is not for you.

2. There is a lot of open spaces and clean air. If you are worried about UVA rays, you will obviously want to stay where there is smogto block out the sun.

3. There are over 50 billionaires in Texas. How can any one moving here become a “big-dog” in a state with that many billionaires.

4. The economy is doing very well. If you are a negative person those Texans will drive you crazy. Positive people everywhere. Yikes!

5. Texas is, of course, known for its gun-friendly laws. Texans love their guns. Texas has castle doctrine and stand-your-ground laws which allow a person to use deadly force against anyone forcibly and unlawfully entering or attempting to enter their home. The person using self-defense does not have a duty to retreat.

If your moving to Texas and think there are more people to rob because of the robust economy, then think again.

6. OIL OIL OIL. If you are a serious tree-hugger, Texas is not for you. It will drive you nuts! Forget all those wide open spaces, beaches and canyons, it’s still an oil state. Your kids will probably marry in to an oil family. Your worst nightmare…..Oil in-laws

7. Cute Cute Cute. The State capital, Austin is known to have some of the prettiest women in America. If you are a woman moving here the competition will be fierce.

8. Many of the roads are privately funded by Texas Toll road companies. Some of these roads can now be traveled at 80 miles per hour! If you are the type that gets work done in traffic then your production will surely take a hit. Also haters of private enterprise will not enjoy this state.

9. Texas leads the country in business relocations. This can only mean Texas must currently have the worst businesses. Why else would all those new businesses move there? Who wants to move to a place with that many bad businesses.

10. Sean Hannity might be moving to Texas. All of those FOX Newshaters surely will not want to live in the same state as Sean.

And finally – Cattle, John Wayne, and The Alamo – If you don’t like “westerns”, stay where you are.


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