The amenities of fiscal treatment in Dubai for expats 


An lucrative fiscal treatment is one of the factors for entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens to decide on flats in Business Bay in Dubai as their second place to stay.  The source told more about levies and charges in Dubai for expats.

Dues in Dubai 

It is true that there is no personal income tax in Dubai, and it is one more bright side of life in the Emirate. On par with the rest of the country, Dubai gains its incomes mainly from the petroleum recovery, tourism and real property, and applies its taxation-free policy for engagement of qualified expats and global companies for further diversification and enrichment of its economy. Although, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. 

Do levies in Dubai differ from levies in other Emirates?

There is no uniform federal tax legislation in the UAE. Therefore, regardless of the fact that most of the UAE tax rules and international agreements apply to all emirates, there are times when each emirate can prescribe its own tax rules. The effective taxes in each emirate can be determined  on the domestic plane.

The Emirates does not levy a charges on revenue or capital for natural persons. This is true of the country’s citizens and expats. Consequently, there is no special taxation treatment in the UAE for the foreigners who live and work here. Just like the locals, they do not need to pay income tax. 

Tax levied on rent

Most Emirates levy a tax on rent, but each Emirate has its own regulations. For instance, apart from renting property in Dubai a lessee pays a tax of 5% from the rental payment. 

The dues for foreigners in Abu Dhabi is 3% of the rent per annum. At the same time, the UAE citizens are free from this type of taxation.

Other charges 

In Dubai, when acquiring property, the newcomers also need to pay tax to the Dubai Land Department (DLD) in the amount of 4% of the value of the property. There is the same tax in Abu Dhabi, but half as much – 2%.

Taxes in Dubai

All federal tax laws apply to Dubai: there is no income tax in Dubai, VAT is levied at the national level. At the same time, some of the charges in Dubai can diverge in some places from the rest of the UAE taxes.

The fact of living in Dubai is that you can gain non-taxable revenue. The point is your fiscal address. Are you a Dubai tax resident?

This is a substantial point that states if you pay duties while working in Dubai or not. If you generate your income in Dubai but are tax resident elsewhere, your revenue will be subject to tax. In this case, recalculation will ensue as specified in your actual address. 

Purchase of property in Dubai 

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